MAC Ruby Woo

Last month I fell in love with MAC's Please Me. This month, I decided to "brave it" and start using red lipstick. Now, a lot of beauty gurus and bloggers would suggest to start off with pink toned reds or berry shades before you go all out with a red-red. I on the other hand decided to skip the pink-reds and berry shades because I'm stubborn like that (lol!) and just face my fears and wear a truly red lipstick.
I'm not much of a red lipstick fan to be honest, so I was really worried about purchasing a tube of Ruby Woo because I was afraid that I wouldn't like it or couldn't rock it... Boy, was I wrong! *winks*
 photo IMG_7468_zpsecdf4966.jpg
What : MAC Ruby Woo
Where : The Vanity Zone
Price : P895
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MAC's Ruby Woo is described as a very matte vivid blue-based red. Enclosed in the signature classy black MAC case and smelling of sweet vanilla, MAC's Ruby Woo is a real stunner. It comes in a retro matte finish which I've read is one of the most matte finishes in MAC's collection.

Love :
*Classic color and part of the permanent line. I don't have to worry about hoarding back ups.
*Classy & sturdy packaging.
*Great pigmentation & color payoff. This is actually red. Doesn't look any bit of orange or berry on me.
* Sweet smelling vanilla scent.
* Though it's a blue-based red, it still compliments my light medium skin tone.
*Great staying power. This lasted 5 hours on me with very very minimal feathering, fading or transferring even with all the talking, eating and drinking I do!
* Attention grabbing. Enough said!

Hate :
* The first time I tried applying it on "unprepared" lips, it tugged so harshly that I had to take a step back from the tube!
* It is difficult to apply straight from the tube at times. This is most probably because of the fact it's a retro matte finish lipstick which can be very drying. Since it can be very drying, it also has a tendency to emphasize lip lines and settle into any patchy and dry areas.

Tips :
*Hydrate yourself properly. Drink lots of water because this helps to keep your lips (skin too!) looking better and more hydrated.
*Prime & prep your lips properly. I start by gently exfoliating it with my ELF lip exfoliator. You can opt to try a DIY homemade lip exfoliator using honey and sugar or try the toothbrush method which is when you use a soft bristled toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. After I exfoliate, I slather on a lip balm or a lip conditioner. I use either my Kiehl's Lip Balm, Lucas Papaw Ointment or my Maybelline Baby Lips balm.
*To extend Ruby Woo's "life" you can also opt to fill and shape your lips with a red lip liner prior to lipstick application.
 photo IMG_7474_zps43c71f4e.jpg
Overall, I absolutely love Ruby Woo and would recommend it to everyone (no matter what your skin tone is!) because it truly is a classic red lipstick that will take you places! Just don't forget to prep & prime your lips to avoid it feeling too dry once it has set. Ruby Woo is definitely a cult classic that I am glad I fell for!
Don't forget to check out more available shades at The Vanity Zone.
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* Filterless photo taken with my iPhone4. No lip liner was used.


  1. OMG!!! I must have this shade!!! it's perfecttt!! Love eeettt :D

  2. the shade suits you well :)
    I love red too :)


  3. wow this red lippie suits you hun =)

  4. Love it!!!! I am also not a red lippies fan fot everyday usage... I think it's note appropriate for nightouts... But you totally rocked it!!!

  5. That red is really stunning :) Beautiful review and swatch for this product.

    Maybe you could drop by to my blog and add me on your GFC or follow me I'm a newbie.


    Thank you so much pretty! :)

  6. I super adore how you put the lipstick talaga. :) ruby woo is one mac lipstick im eyeing for!


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