Review : Lideal Tofu BB Cream in #20

Like most asians (well, more like most girls), I've ventured into the world of BB creams since I started playing around with makeup. I've tried a ton from both asian & "american" brands. So far, my favorite's the EnCara BB Cream but I'm always on the look out for something to top that.
Like my other Thailand based products, I heard about this from ShebbyChic and have been seeing it on so many blogs and feedbacks on The Mestiza Hub Facebook page that it sparked an interest.
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Product Details:
What : Lideal Tofu BB Cream
Shade : #20
Made in Thailand
Where : The Mestiza Hub
Price : P280 (but got it on sale for around P140)
*exclusive of shipping
Finish : Satin, Demi-Matte
Net Weight : 35ml
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What I Like:
Affordable & available online thru a local Facebook shop.
Nice milk-like scent.
Very easy to blend.
Highly moisturizing & feels lightweight.
No greasy feeling after you put it on.
Didn't break me out.
Has a brightening effect.
Contains UV protection.
Good for sensitive skin.

What I Don't Like:
Hard to blend when you use face brushes.
Settles into my lines & large pores.
Doesn't last long on my oily skin when I don't use a primer.
Doesn't conceal any of my major flaws like acne scars & my under eye circles.
Poor shade selection. Women of color will have a hard time finding a shade to match.
Shade #20 (the darkest shade available) doesn't really match my NC35 skin tone.
Creates an ugly white cast on flash photography.

 Where to begin? *hmmm*
I don't entirely dislike the product but I don't entirely love it either. I'm on the fence about it because even if it has a lot of skin benefits and is easy to use and is lightweight, it doesn't really do much for me. I need a BB Cream that can at least cover some of my redness and make me look decent but this is to sheer. Maybe for someone with already flawless skin, this could be their dream product but for me? Naaaah. Plus the color is off by a couple of shades that I end up using a second product to even everything out. To be honest, I end up using this as a tinted primer of some sort for a light second layer of foundation to go over with. This seems to even everything out. I guess the product didn't really work out for me but I'll still continue on using it as a tinted "primer" till I run out. I'd recommend this to friends who are fairer and have less "skin problems" to deal with.

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  1. I'm actually curious with the tofu part of this BB Cream. This is my first time to hear about the brand, as I'm more into Korean and Japanese BB Creams. :)

    1. *geez*
      Me too! I can't even read the inscription on the box. Haha. I'm more into Korean BB Creams too! :)

  2. This is the first time I heard of the brand (and I am actually very careful and choosy with the brands and products I use in my face :D)., and I appreciate the honest review.

    I'll probably stick with Maybelline's BB Cream :)

    1. It's pretty new to me too. I only heard about it through other beauty bloggers.
      You're lucky that Maybelline's BB Creams worked out for you, it broke me out horribly!

  3. First time to hear about this brand too. And the tofu part really intrigues me! Anyway, I haven't really tried out a lot of BB creams yet. Just the one from Maybelline and Dream Girl (the former I still use, but the latter my lil sis loves but doesn't do much for me). Maybe I should look around on Facebook and try other brands. Might avoid this one though, since I need something which can cover redness and blemishes too. ^^ Thanks for the review sis!

  4. I also havent heard of this brand! But at least you found a new use to it kahit hindi as bb cream ;)

  5. Thank goodness I came across this blog. It is something that I would try.

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  7. Great review! I recently got the same BB cream and I quite like it! I didn't even know it has tofu ingredients!
    Greetings from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo


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