Hello, August!

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I sailed through July like it didn't even happen! August is finally here and before we know it it'll be the start of the "ber" months already... There's definitely been a change in the air. Mornings are a wee bit cooler and so are the evenings too. That's probably why I don't mind the power blackouts (normal thing in Zamboanga!) in the evenings because the air is a bit cooler than usual.

I have a pretty full August schedule. I'm glancing at my planner-calendar while I'm typing away on the iMac and seeing all the sticky notes posted everyone and the scribbles is making me a bit dizzy. I have a ton of cake orders due the upcoming days and I feel so lucky to be able to have this kind of sideline to help me along financially while I'm still just a reliever nurse (no work, no pay y'all!)

I know I haven't been such a good blogger but right now I've been channeling all my energy into my "real life" work, baking & personal family matters. There are so many things I need to do and yet I feel that 24 hours per day isn't enough. Time and again, I've said that I wish I were an octopus so I can get multiple things done with all those extra hands!

Anyway, I'll try to schedule several posts so that I can at least keep a decent flow of activity on the blog. Watch out for changes in  the layout very soon as I transition to more of a lifestyle-personal type of blog. *winks*

Ciao for now!

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