RStyle Salon ~ A New Experience

Before I left for my Singapore trip last month, I had a quick trim & a protein treatment at a local salon. Due to the lack of time, I wasn't able to have a new color set into my hair. Needless to say, my hair looked terrible and I had to bear with it. It has been a long time since I last had my hair colored so I was really itching for a change. While in Singapore I saw an ad posted by my "twin" & close friend Shanne regarding a new salon back home. I decided to give it a shot...

So yesterday, at around 11 in the morning, I stopped by R Style Salon located along Pilar Street, Corner Villalobos, Zambaonga City. The salon is owned and managed by Shanne's close friend Roland & his family (Mallarez-Khalaf). The salon is a cozy little nook in the corner and is located along a very convenient spot in town with the bustling of several other shops nearby. After you get yourself pampered, you can simply take a 5 minute walk towards several shopping malls in the vicinity! Now that's what I call convenient...

Roland (far left) along with some of the staff...
Comfy sofa-like chairs...
Clean walls, sleek swivel chairs and huge mirrors...
PROMO till end of July 2012

Blow drying my hair after the initial wash.
Applying the dye...
Hair treatment. (I honestly forgot what it was called but it really left my hair soft & shiny!)

As you can see in the photo above, my hair was a disaster prior to my "hair pampering" session at RStyle salon... When I stepped into the salon with Shanne, we were greeted by the friendly staff & Roland. I then told them that I wanted to get a haircut & coloring for my hair and asked what shades/colors were available. I was handed a rather large color display and we went through the different color selections till I found a color I liked... I was initially planning to do an ombre-style but was too afraid to subject my already unhealthy hair to bleaching to I ended up with a shade under the "natural" category called light blonde. Ironically, it really didn't look blonde on the color board nor did it look blonde in real life but it was the color I wanted to go for. It's a very light brown-ish red that really brings out the "fairness" (or what's left of it) of my skin. Later on, I got a lot of compliments saying my hair made me look a lot more "meztiza"! *blushes*

After the initial wash & half blow dry, the coloring dye was applied onto my hair in sections. I'll admit I panicked a little once the dye (cream form) started setting in because my scalp started to tingle. It was a sensation I wasn't accustomed to so I asked it it were normal and apparently it was. It can be a little uncomfortable to some but the the staff beautician, Izah Mae, gently massaged my scalp to ease away the tingling sensation & my nervousness...

After a couple of minutes, the dye was rinsed out of my hair and the treatment was applied. Honestly I don't recall the name of the treatment but it made my hair really smooth & silk plus it smelled divine! At the end of the treatment, I was given a good blow dry and a lil bit of styling went into my hair then I was all set.

I liked my whole RStyle experience and paid P2600 for everything, including a huge tub of Cynos hair mask which I consider a very nice investment on my new journey to healthier hair. I plan to go back to RStyle salon very soon to try out some other services they offer there.


  1. Wow! I love your hair! What color is that?

  2. your new hair colour rocks!! ang ganda lang sis.
    i miss zamboanga tuloy sa post na to. T_T
    haay. kelan kaya ako makabalik.


  3. Nice one Jannie. :D I'll be having my hair color tomorrow I guess. :D I would love to have a white, blue or violet hair but since I am in law school, and I was asked not to color my hair anymore so i will be back to my black hair. buhoo. ahaha. I will also try their haircut, since i'm looking for a new hairstylist who will take care of my hair. hopefully all will be well. :D Your hair was awesome very very nice. :D

  4. wow love the new color sis! bagay!

  5. envious!! i also want to color my hair ulit! love your hair color :)

  6. Jelly na ako sa hair mo!! I want red brown hair too... but I just had my hair dyed 4 days ago :( I wish I've read this sooner...

  7. Hello jannie! Until when are they gonna give promos to their services? Are the promos still available today? Thank you jannie!

    1. Hi! It's till the end of July. Please just mention that I referred you and you're all set! :D

  8. Oh wow, I like the color you picked! and the price is really affordable. Btw, the sister/owner of this salon is my friend and she's been promoting it a lot on her fb. I'm glad their business is doing well...I'd definitely go see this place on my next vacay.

  9. It was an awesome experienced when i first visit the R style salon for a hair color last year,..mganda ang resulta,..and then bumalik ako later this year last june.,..i am so embarrass about my hair,..ang resulta frizzy, dry and damage,..and to think ang pinagawa ko any rebond and celo,..pero ang nangyari naging kawawa ang hair ko...

  10. when i first visit the R style salon it was an awesome experience last year oct. 2012,maganda ang result ng hair ko...then this last june bumalik ako,,for a rebond and hair celo,..and look whar they have done to my hair,..it becomes frizzy, dump and damaged, I am really disappointed,,I was expecting na maging maganda ang result pero anong ngyari,..??one of this day..ill visit ur salon para mkita nyo kung ano gnawa nyo sa hair ko..!!!!!!!!!!


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