Shop Feature : Flawless Beauty Online

Yet another shop feature! This time I'm featuring one of my FAVORITE online beauty & skin care shops, Flawless Beauty Online... Read on for a short, but informative, background of this wonderfully affordable beauty shop!

"Flawless Beauty Online (formerly Flawless Beauty Online Shop) started as an online seller of dermatologically tested skincare products in the defunct Friendster site which had its official launch in June 2009. Since then, Flawless Beauty Online following its success in selling skincare products online and offline had also ventured into marketing apparels, perfumes, bath and body, bags and accessories.
Flawless Beauty Online is operated by me, Lei with my husband, John Arsad, and a partner based in Quezon City, Philippines. So your orders may be shipped from either Bongao or Quezon City depending on our stocks availability. I am in charge with sales and marketing, John with the Finance and our QC-based partner with the production.
Flawless Beauty came into existence because of my passion for beauty and wellness. When i gave birth to my eldest son 4 years ago, i have developed an ugly melasma that are practically black patches all over my cheeks and upper lip. Then i found this beauty regimen whic i initially tested on my mother's face. It was not before long that I have seen dramatic results on her face. That gave me the courage to follow suit. When friends and relatives noticed our glowing skin, they wanted to buy the kit. That's when I started selling my beauty regimen to others then the rest is history." - Lei Arsad

The shop offers a variety of beauty products that are all natural and definitely great for yourself or giving away as gifts!

One of my all-time favorites are the Gluta Strawberry Milk Bars which I did a review on a couple of months ago. I'm still saving up for more scrap soap packs of this baby as well as actual bars of soap since I love it so much!

Also available are different beauty sets from the shop! You guys should definitely check those out.

So, what are you waiting for?
Affordably priced beauty products that are all natural and great for you.
Head on over to Flawless Beauty Online and let the pampering begin!


  1. congrats sis! gusto ko matry products nila :)

  2. There are many products to be available on internet where people can easily buy and also they can pay money when delivery received.

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  3. Sounds great :D I love anything to do with purchasing products for my skin. I take it so so seriously because in all honesty.... people notice good or bad skin. They seem to have some great things and that milk bar sounds so cool :D


  4. I use flawless soap now the orange one. I don't if it's related to this flawless brand. Nasa plastic lng kasi :D Gusto ko matry yang gluta! :D

  5. The milk bars look great! Are these available to the US?


  6. i love flawless beauty's product :) i used their strawberry soap. :)


  7. really very nice blog for Cheap Beauty Products Online


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