Guest Post : How to Grow Longer Eyelashes by Eli Palad

Over the centuries, women have been trying to grow longer lashes. This desire is not because they want more adequate protection for their eyes. Long, beautiful eyelashes add to their feminine allure. Early attempts at growing long lashes may be seen as practical – such as darkening the eyes with kohl – to downright unsanitary, like the use of crocodile dung among Ancient Egyptian women.  Centuries later, better eye makeup was developed, as well as false eyelashes.

At present, however, there is no need to come up with strange concoctions when there are many ways by which you can grow longer eyelashes on your own. There are two ways by which you can grow long lashes, namely naturally and with the help of eyelash growth products.

When we talk about natural methods of growing longer eyelashes, the trick here is to consider what factors may be inhibiting lash growth. For example, makeup, especially eye cosmetics, are particularly notorious for hindering eyelash growth because they make the lashes dry and brittle, so that they break or fall out with time.

Because of this, you need to be more thorough when you wash and clean your face of makeup at night. In some women, thin and fragile lashes are a problem. This can be resolved with proper conditioning to help keep the lashes moist.

This can be achieved by applying natural oils, such as castor, jojoba and olive oils, directly to the eyelashes. Vaseline and petroleum jelly have been very effective for some women, but take care that it does not get into your eyes because it can cause burning sensations. Make sure also that you eat a healthy diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are essential to hair and eyelash growth and repair.

If you have difficulty in growing your own eyelashes naturally, you can help boost the process with the help of eyelash growth serums or gels. Research on the Internet alone will give you so many products to choose from, ranging from prescription medications to OTC preparations. If you don't want to be hassled by getting a prescription from your doctor, better stick with OTC preparations.

Arguably, the most popular eyelash growth serum is Idol Lash. What makes Idol Lash such a hit with women is that it contains only natural ingredients, making it safe even for those with sensitive eyes. Also, Idol Lash works faster than other OTC eyelash products, showing results within 2 to 4 weeks of use.

Aside from other Idol Lash, other products that have gotten positive reviews from women are Lilash, RevitaLash, Ultracil and Marin Lash. You might want to research on the Internet to learn more about these products.

Discover other ways by which you can grow longer eyelashes today!

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Eli Palad is a husband & father to two boys. He is a UNIX admin for The Bank. He reviews sites and blogs on the side.


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