Zamboanga Blogger's Meet Up ~ Round III

Remember when I blogged about the Zamboanga Bloggers Meet Up 3?

Well yesterday, July 21, it finally happened...
The last meet up was held at a local pizza parlor called Mama Maria's last February (I think) and we were too busy chatting to death to even do anything remotely productive... *lol*
So last month, before I left for Singapore, a couple of the bloggers started talking of another meet up. It was eventually decided upon and yesterday we finally pushed through. It was a small and intimate group of 10 gorgeous girl at Garden Orchid Hotel's Le Cafe. We definitely had a mix of bloggers present and even one lovely lady, Natasha, who I hope we've convinced to start blogging already!

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A couple of us were there at 3pm but we officially started around 4. We had sandwiches & fruit shakes while we exchanged ideas about our blogs & blogging. My dear "partner" Rhea of bebe-doll.net started off the meeting talking about how to start blogging and shared some tips & tricks as well as some guidelines with regards to blog advertising & earning from your blog...

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I on the other hand talked about something I've been very passionate about and that is beauty blogging. I started off with a short description about beauty blogging and what you'll most likely need to start a beauty blog. I encouraged them to look at beauty blogging in a clearer light & I ended my short "lecture" with some tips on how to approach & deal with would-be sponsors...

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After we finished up our sandwiches and drinks, it was time to pay the bill. How funny that I ended up sorting through the cash. Takes me back to my high school & college days when I served as treasurer and kept tabs on the class's cash etc. *lol*
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Since it was getting late, I had to make my quick exit, so we took a few snapshots before heading out separate ways... In the photo below I'm with Patty of lalalapatricia.info and Kai of kaigrafia.com...
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Here's another photo I grabbed of the other girls present... From left to right : Shine, Patsy, Ropa Jane, Kai, Rhea, Nelka, Cee & soon to be blogger Tasha. Gorgeous girls are gorgeous! 
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That's all for now... I'm preparing several other posts to follow this one. I'm super excited for more successful meet ups in the future!


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