Review : EOS G301 Max Misty Blue

It's been a while since I last reviewed lenses so I decided it's high time to do a review on my current favorite blue circle lenses. These babies are called the Max Misty Blue lenses or the EOS G301 and they were generously sponsored by my circle lens fairy Jhia or Red Jhelli Shop!

I received them before I left for my Singapore adventure and have been wearing them the past few days... These are my first ever pair of EOS lenses and I was super excited since I've heard great stuff about EOS lenses. 

Lens Information:
EOS G301 Blue
Manufacturer - EOS Korea
B.C. - 8.8mm
Dia. - 14.5mm
Lens usage - Up to 1 year
Water content - 38%-42%

Shipping / Packaging : 
As usual shipping was fast and packaging was superb. All Red Jhelli lenses come lovingly wrapped in protective bubble wrap inside a customized paper-case envelop-type container. This is my third (or is it fourth) time to receive Red Jhelli lenses and I'm glad that they still pack up the lenses the same way they did the first time. *thumbs up*

Color / Design : 
I've always had problems with blue lenses. Most of the blue lenses I had before (GEO angel blue, nudy blue, bella blue) almost always appeared blue-gray in real life & in photos. I was actually already preparing myself for a lil disappointment with the Max Misty ones but *boom*, once I had them on, there they were. As blue as blue can get. I was really surprised and happy that this pair actually showed up a lovely blue on my natural dark brown eye color. IMHO the yellow-ish inner circle complemented the blue and really made the lenses *pop*!

Enlargement : 
This particular pair has a 14.5mm diameter. A whole lot bigger than most of my 14.0mm circle lenses but does not deliver the enlargement my 15.0mm lenses give. But that's a good thing. Blue lenses already cause much attention, so having them this size gives me more freedom to wear them out often without having to fret that I'd look like too much of a "freak" as some may put it.

Comfort : 
Honestly, even if I did love the whole color & enlargement this pair gave me, it was such a pain to put on that I just had to give this a 3/5. First off I feel as if this pair's thinner than most of my GEO lenses so they tend to "fold" up on your fingertip faster than GEO ones. That alone made it difficult for me to stick them onto my eyes. *lol* Second problem I had was when I managed to put them close enough to my eyeball, they resist transferring from my fingertip to my eye! It took me more than the usual amount of time I take to wear circle lenses. I've practiced wearing this pair for a couple of times but I still haven't gotten the hang of it... *sigh* Wish me luck? Oh and just a side note, I didn't experience any drying with this pair till after 5 hours...

Overall : 
I really like this particular pair of blue lenses and I'm willing to just practice on wearing them instead of giving up on them. I'd definitely dare wear them out in public more frequently so if you bump into me one of these days, be forewarned! *lol* I gave them 3/5 stars because I took points off "comfort in application". I'd recommend these lenses to people who are looking for a more adventurous pair of lenses. Just make sure you have the patience (and time!) to put them on...


  1. you look gorgeous wearing them dear!! nice review very accurate and very informative!! jane from tauyanm.com I'm from singapore too! woot! x0!

  2. Looks good on you sweetie! ^_^ I think I have to shift now to a more vibrant-colored contact lenses..hmmmm...

  3. I love blue! :) You look gorgeous in them lenses babe! Ahh I miss wearing c lenses >.<

  4. Looks great on you! I haven't tried blue lenses, only brown and gray ones.

  5. I love the design of the lenses. They look so realistic!!

  6. weeee. I love the makeup Jannie! That caught my attention first. heehehe :D for the lens, love the color! :D I think I have a similar lens that's still in the vial. hahaha :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  7. I love your lenses! And never ko pa natry ang blue lenses :D

  8. Love the Blue contacts

    I have those too but it is already expired Boo >.<
    It is hard to find a very nice Blue contacts but this one looks good on you sweetie


  9. cool!! been planning to buy my own pair though I am having trouble whether to buy colored ones or stick with just plain brown.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  10. nice review <3
    they look lovely to your eyes. how i wish i can learn how to wear contact lenses >.< no matter how "comfortable" other people may find them, i just can't think the same whenever they're on my eyes ~_~



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