Review : Red Berries Body Icing Blue Peel Butter Cream

I noticed that most of my readers look forward to my haul posts, makeup tutorials AND my product reviews. Actually, product reviews caught the top spot when I read through most of the comments especially since most of the products I review are locally available or available in Philippine based online stores... So today I'm going to do another review on a product I've been using for the past three weeks already...

Introducing to you, the Red Berries Body Icing Blue Peel Butter Cream... This product was generously sponsored by my lovely friend of Estilo Libre... 

Shipping / Shop Packaging : 
I received this butter cream, along with other goodies the day after I was informed that it had been shipped out. Fairly fast shipping when I was shipped this product. It was also carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure it arrived safe and sound on my doorstep. 

Pricing : 
The butter cream comes in a 100gram tub and a 300gram one. The one I received for free is the 100gram tub that costs only P280. For something which falls under the "a little goes a long way" category, I believe you get the most out of your P280 and I will definitely repurchase this product once I run out of it at its current price... The 300gram tub costs P630, just in case anyone is wondering.

Design / Effectiveness / Scent : 
At the moment, I still have a love-hate relationship with this product. First because it comes in a tub without a "scooper". I now use a plastic spoon to scoop out product rather than dipping my hand (which I did before) into the tub to avoid "contamination". I would have loved this more if it were in a squeeze-type bottle or tube. Another thing I'm having second thoughts about is how minty it can get on the skin. If ever you try this product yourself, be mindful of the amount of product your rub onto your skin. I sort of went overboard the first time I tried it and rubbed a whole lot of product and in the end experienced a slightly "burning" sensation because of the minty-ness of the product. Setting that aside, I'd like to talk about the things I loved about this butter cream. First off I love how buttery it feels on the skin. This "butter cream" glides on smoothly and feels really luxurious when applied even in small amounts. I particularly love this on the soles of my feet and my elbows because it gives those areas the needed moisture to become softer. Next I am in love with its scent. I am a sucker for minty & floral scents. This butter cream is a mixture of that. It's very pleasant and crisp. Take my word for it, this is one mint-scented product that won't leave you smelling like you took a bath in diluted toothpaste! It claims to have whitening properties, but since I have only been using this for the past three weeks coupled with other whitening stuff, I can't really tell if it does whiten the skin. Maybe I'll set that verdict aside for now... Last thing I love about this product is the fact that it doesn't leave your skin feeling weighed down like some body butters can. It also isn't greasy or oily in any way...

Overall : 
Overall I like this particular butter cream and will definitely use it up rather than chucking it in the trash. I've already mentioned everything that I need to mention above so I won't make this overall impression so long. All I'll say is that I definitely think this is a unique butte cream that needs more recognition. So go check it out at Estilo Libre!

Disclaimer : Product was sent to me by Estilo Libre for review purposes but all opinions stated are unbiased and my own.


  1. Ooh, this product sounds and looks like a similar product I reviewed :) Nice review Jannie! Very informative :)

  2. I want to try this product already! I love butter creams because they are sooo moisturizing. I just wonder though, why is it called blue peel? Does it have a peeling effect like maxi peel?

    A Hint of Sunlight

  3. Thanks for sharing this Jannie.. Been looking for some nice butters too.. lol It is really hard to scoop this one especially if you're wearing long nails.. lol same goes for this Etude Cream something that's used to remove makeups too.. can be very very messy


  4. Thanks for this, I wanna try this kind of products!


  5. I also tried this one! Yeah it's super minty when you applied too much. I love this body butter too! :)


  6. wow! this is amazing sis! :) I wanna try this..it looks refreshing sa skin eh. hihihihi :D I love your review! <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  7. great review <3 i want to try this out na tuloy :)


  8. Great review! I want to try one soon! Thanks pretty! <3

  9. Hi! Great review you got there. Is it safe for any type of skin? Because I've just been into a skin problem recently and I don't want any product to cause more problems. Hehe. It looks yummy though! Where can we buy this btw?

    Flora from Facial Care Depot

    1. Hi. All products of Red Berries are natural.


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