That's what I've been feeling the past few days. Sad. Tired. Lost.
I know I promised my lovely readers (and myself) that I would try as much as possible to keep "drama" posts out of this blog but I feel the need to reach out to you guys in this time of "need". Plus I think I owe you lovely people an explanation on why I keep disappearing...

To be perfectly honest, I have so many posts for this blog. Tons of product reviews, a couple of tutorials and some feature posts but I haven't had the motivation to put out posts. If you know me personally, you'll already know that I hate to have to post half-baked posts with no heart put into it. That's the reason why I've been holding off for so long. I feel uninspired and tired most of the time. I've been thinking so much lately of what I really want to do with my life.

I'm 21 years old and I have no clue on what I really want to do. I have plans but that's all. Just plans... Some have been put into action like the fact I have my requirements ready for the IV training I'll be having by the end of this month alongside several photo shoots where I'll be working as a freelance makeup artist (and I'll be getting paid!).

Yet there are other plans that have remained just plans... I won't even mention those on this post anymore because it's too far fetched to even happen. Maybe some time in the near future. For now they'll remain in the inner most portion of my heart. *drama*

Enough of this moping around though. Tomorrow I'll try to do better. I'll make it up to you guys by posting a couple (dozen,just kidding!) drafts that'll be finished by tomorrow. Watch out for it?

EDIT 08-16-12
Thank you to everyone who commented on this post, who messaged me on my FB account and FB page, who sent me DMs on Twitter, who left me messages at my Tumblr Ask, who texted and/or called me telling me they've been where I am, or are with me at this stage in life. It means so much to me to get encouragement to "just keep swimming". I love you guys!


  1. hi sis :D

    nurse ka din pala :D same tayo. hihi :D and yung totoo, i feel for you :) naramdaman ko yang naramdaman mo before, actually, hanggang ngayon :D *hug*

    clear your mind na lang muna. it helps :D or distract yourself :) i'm sure your readers will understand :D

    god bless :D

  2. awww.. why do I have this feeling na we're on the same boat? :( sigh... I'm super lost too.. I feel so depressed and uninspired lately too :(

    I have my "plans" pero no action.. no one's there to support me. paminsan nakakapagod na rin... hirap humanap ng pera para sa sarili mo para matupad lng yung pangarap mo :( I don't wanna be stuck here my entire life.. I wanna leave ASAP.. but my mom. gawd my mom! I hate this.. she keeps on giving me false hopes. >.< nakakawalang gana na.. promise :(( I'm literally crying while typing this comment.. I feel you now Jannie :(

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  3. I feel you sis. I'm in that exact situation right now.

  4. I feel for you sweetie. Just pray and talk to God and ask for guidance and everything will fall into right place :)

    I know what you mean too, me too I want to publish or make a blog post if I'm inspired to do so . It's OK dear to take everything slowly

    Good luck with your plans *kisses


  5. I've heard lots of people say that they do not know what they really want to do with their lives. 'Ya know what? That is just the first step. In my case, since college, I already know what I want. And I want it badly! Like I'm willing to do whatever it takes. But the problem is, I don't know how to start. where to start. I guess that's the second part. Then all struggles will follow until you achieve what you want.

  6. Just try to relax, anxiety happens a lot when you're too tired. :) Take your time. :)



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