Review : Bobbie Magnet-Ficent Polish Effect in GR-203

I'm not much of a nail polish "freak". This is probably because in my profession, we aren't allowed to wear nail polish. It's "against our code" as nurses or something to that extent. *lol* So needless to say, I'm pretty late when it comes to nail polish, nail art, nail stuff in general. But I do remember seeing a new nail craze come out a few months after "cracking" nail polish hit the shelves. What am I talking about? Well, I'm referring to MAGNETIZED nail polish. I know of some imported brands and high-end brands that offer this kind of polish for $$$$. Well I'm not really one to spend much on nail stuff so imagine my surprise when I found this the other day for only P81/bottle?! I know that's still pretty steep but considering that other brands sell this stuff as high as P400/bottle, it was pretty cheap. (Honestly, this is still the most expensive nail polish I've ever bought with my own money in my whole life!)

I knew I was risking buying something that I haven't even "researched" more about but I remember from previous posts that most of my readers want to see nail related posts on my blog so I just went for it! (That and the fact that boyf wanted me to "experiment" with it!)
So today I present to you BOBBIE Magnet-Ficent Polish Effect in GR-203!

Product Packaging : 
The packaging is really pretty. It comes in a clear glass bottle with a black screw top that has a semi-matte finish. The brush applicator is about 1/4 the size of my thumb nail which makes it pretty simple to work with. It's very soft and pliable too which gives you better control over it. The magnet isn't detachable like some other nail polish brands which is a bit sad because you'd have to work fast with application of the whole thing BUT the good thing is that you won't be losing your magnet any time soon. Another plus is the attached instructions for n00bs and newbies like me!

Pricing : 
At P81/tube I have a love-hate relationship with it already. It's relatively cheaper than most magnetized nail polishes in the market but compared to some of my other local brand polishes, this one's pretty expensive. I have pretty decent polishes which cost P20-P30 only, so shelling out P81 for this polish was pretty tough on my wallet and I was secretly hoping that it would be "the bomb" while I was paying for it at the counter. *lol*

Color / Opacity / Longevity / Design : 
One of the reasons this particular shade caught my eye (there were about 5 shades available at the store) is because it reminded me so much of Chanel's Peridot which I've been wanting but *rolls eyes* I don't think my wallet would permit me. So anyway, this really pretty shade of green-gold caught my eye. In the bottle it looks like a really pretty mix of green & gold with just a slight hint of dark green to it, depending on the angle you hold the bottle at. I was hoping it would translate to my nails the same way but unfortunately it didn't. On one coat it showed up a "lime-y" green, on two coats it showed up a lime green with a hint of gold... I had to pile up three coats to get a very slight version of what the polish looks like in the bottle. Nevertheless, it is a pretty color on my nails. Moving on to lasting power... It lasted without chipping for 1 day without a top coat, and when I repainted it and put a topcoat on, it lasted 3 days with minimal tip wear till I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. Now last but not the least, I'm finally going to be talking about the magnetized effect this polish gives off. Take note that this is my first personal magnetized polish but not my first time seeing a magnetized polish in action... Bobbie's version instructed to apply 1-2 coats then before it dries you'll have to hold the magnet over the nail around 1mm to the nail, which in "normal" people language means "as close as you can". It also says to wait 5-10 seconds for the design to appear. Now, I don't know if I got a bad bottle or something but in the photos below, those are 4 coats of polish and I had to wait over 20 seconds for those measly designs to actually show up. Maybe I'm not doing it right? *sigh*  

Overall : 
Overall I'd give this 2/5 stars. I had high expectations for this polish. Though I loved the color, the main reason I bought this polish is to experience the whole magnetized trend. Sadly this polish failed to deliver. I could have gotten a whole lot of other prettier nail polishes with the price I paid for this one, so this is definitely not a product I'd recommend. Am I chucking it out? Of course not! I paid good money for it, so I've decided to keep it and use it without reaching for the magnet to create designs. At least now I have a golden green polish!

4 coats without flash under white artificial light.
4 coats with flash under white artificial light.

Questions for my lovely readers:
1. Did you find this review helpful?
2. Have you tried this polish out? Did it work for you?
3. Recommend a nail polish brand/color you'd like me to try.

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  1. parang nakakaintriga naman tong nail polish na to...=)

  2. Wow, Bobbie sells magnetic polishes? O.O I didn't know that, I´m definitely going to try this out! Thanks for the info.


  3. Magnetic polish is def peaking my curiosity now! :)

    The Misty Mom

  4. I was eyeing this yesterday while I was at Watson's. It costs around PHP76 here. Didn't buy yet because I wasn't sure about it but now that you've reviewed it. I might just try it hahah

  5. Thanks for the review! I was about to buy one of Bobbie's magnetized polishes but I had second thoughts because of its price. I was looking for reviews and came by your blog. Now I have an idea how this polish works. Might give it a try.

    I'm a new follower. Hope you could follow back :)


  6. my sister just bought 1, we tried and nothing happened ...

  7. my sister just bought 1, we tried and nothing happened

  8. i tried the silver one and follow the instructions but didn't got the same result... i guess i'll try it again with 4 coats too. thanks for the review :D

  9. i think the more coats you apply the less it will take effect. The lady at the mall yesterday applied about 4 coatings and the design didnt pop out that well. So out of curiosity, i tried it( green gold color) with 1 to 2 coats then before it dries up i put the magnet over it, it worked!


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