BTS : Clique's Halloween Special

I know I haven't been blogging much. It's because I've had several things to attend do like making application letters (because I'm applying as a volunteer nurse again) and also makeup gigs like the one I'm about to show you now.

Last Saturday (10-19-12) I teamed up with Clique Production, a Zamboanga based team of photographers. It was actually Patty Tan, a fellow Zamboanga blogger, who contacted me if I wanted to collaborate with her and the rest of the Clique team. When I found out that the theme would be "Halloween" I immediately said yes. In the Philippines, we don't really normally celebrate Halloween as much as they do in the US but this is a start!

Enjoy the photos...
All photos grabbed from HERE.

I started working on Meryll first (@merylljane on Instagram!) because I know for a fact her skull head transformation would take longer to do and set and finish off. This is my first time doing a skull head look on another person. I know I still have to perfect my technique next time...

After Meryll, I worked on Patty next. OMG! Half of the time I did her makeup in the DARK! Why? Because lousy Z******O decided to pull the plug on my electricity and plunged into the darkness of a blackout session for an hour or so... But the show must go on! So while Jolas (Meryll's boyf) started taking photos and coaching Meryll on posing, I started turning dearest Patty into a ventriloquist's creepy doll.

I also did hair for both of the girls. *hihi*
Will post official photos once they get released.
Bye for now, till my next post! <3


  1. what did you use for the white skull? :) is it a face paint?

  2. clap* clap* i can't wait for the photos! <3

  3. SCCCCCCCCCCCCARRRY!!!! but super great job &^_~

  4. I love it sis! Is Ms. Patricia cosplaying Saw Jigsaw?


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