Halloween Makeup Collaboration : Sexy Cat (Animal Theme)

Hello everybody! As you may have noticed, I usually collaborate with bloggers to bring you guys awesome giveaways but this time I've collaborated with some beauty bloggers to bring out readers a special treat! Since Halloween is just a couple of days away, we've decided to post some Halloween looks that are quite easy to do...

I've teamed up with the following bloggers:
Katleya of EYAHNISM (funky fish)
Iya of IYABOTO (black bunny)

Today our theme happens to be "animals" and I just knew I needed to be the sexy cat! Okay, I may not be sexy, but you guys must admit, I look pretty feline-like with my face makeup! I'm severely allergic to cats but I've always found them quite alluring... Plus this face makeup, minus the nose and whiskers, happens to be a very wearable look. So, enjoy!

List of Products Used...

Celeteque oil free-water based moisturizer
NYX concealer in a jar - beige
NYX HD liquid foundation - 03
Ever Bilena powder foundation - oriental

Ever Bilena powder blush - earth
NYX powder blush - mocha
Mememe highlighter - sun beam

Avon clear mascara
NYX eyebrow kit - medium brown
Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil - brown

NYX HD eyeshadow base - skintone
Wet n Wild coloricon palette - vanity
Maybelline gel eyeliner - black
Maybelline line stiletto liquid liner- black
Maybelline volum' express hypercurl mascara - black
False eyelashes
DUO eyelash glue - clear

NYX lip liner - plus red
NYX soft matte lip cream - monte carlo & amsterdam

Maybelline line stiletto liquid liner- black

Start with a clean face. Conceal areas that need concealing, especially under eye circles. Then proceed to applying foundation. Set with powder to avoid budging.
Next contour the hallow areas on your face such as below your cheek bones, temples, jawline too and proceed to contouring your nose to make it appear slimmer and more feline-like.
Apply a bit of rose colored blush to add a hint of femininity to your face.
Move onto filling your brows and priming your eyelids with a skin-tone colored base. Sweep a matte cream colored shadow to highlight your brow bone area, next sweep a bright shimmering gold eyeshadow onto your lid area. Deepen your crease with a chocolate brown shadow, concentrating most of the color on the outer "V" of your eyes. Make sure to extend the shadow to make your eye appear more almond shaped and cat-like. Next you should start lining your eyes, making sure to extend your liner on the outer "V" area again to make your eyes look more cat-like. Line your lower lash line too! Next apply false lashes and bind them with your real lashes with your black mascara of choice. Next draw a heart shape onto your nose with black eyeliner and set with a black eyeshadow. Now line your lips with a red lip liner to avoid feathering of your lipstick later on. Continue by filling it in with a red lip color. Lastly draw on your cat's whiskers and your face makeup is done!

If you want me to do a video tutorial on this look, comment down below! :)


  1. i like the heart-shaped nose! lol

  2. Cute look!the eye makeup is very pretty.. I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed my blog as well :D I'm also a Filipina blogger..


  3. same with marj hisler, the heart-shaped nose really blew me away :D

  4. ang cute niyo lahat sis :) hihi.

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  5. I can't wait the outcome of our shoot! yayks! <3

  6. hahah.. ang cute nyo sissie!! :)) meowwwwiee.

  7. I love the lips! I'm so having a hard time defining my lips :)

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  9. super love it.

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  10. Nice makeup! I am awed at how you manage to appear creepy yet still so pretty on those makeup. I am searching for Halloween makeup ideas this year to try on coming halloween and this one just gave me an idea. Cheers!


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