Teaser : Louise Turns 18 (Pre-Debut Shoot)

Photographer : Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography
Stylist : Prei Datolio of The W.A.D. Jr Project
HMUA : Janna Parel of Jannieology

Last Sunday, October 14, I had my first ever makeup AND hair client. Meet the lovely Louise, a debutant. She hired Sefi, Prei & me to work with her for her pre-debut photo shoot...
It all started with "THE" Sefi Curada sending me a friend request on Facebook. I was seriously hyperventilating. I'm a big fan of his work so I was squealing when he added me up. He then messaged me regarding my MUA services. One thing led to another and *bam!* I had my first client that requested for hair and makeup.
We were going for that very effortless sexy look. Sefi had sent me a photo of Anne Curtis' makeup for a shoot and told me that Louise wanted something like that. That's exactly what I gave her. And I was ecstatic that they all loved the turn out! :)

Will be posting more photos soon!

For Zamboanga based clients, contact me HERE to avail of my makeup services or contact me through my business number : 09179096366. No calls, please.


  1. As the stylist, I'm happy with your work. I didn't expect that the make-up turned out this way. Very laid back rugged vixen. Totally complemented my outfits for her. Great job to us! Cheers!

  2. Lakas maka anne curtis ng look! Achieve!!

  3. I've known her since she was in elementary. Looking at her transformation now, I must say that she is a lady. I mean, a seductress. Very nice work Jannie..

  4. Oh love her make-up indeed! She look so pretty and the photo is fab! Great job sis! :)

    xx, Grysh

  5. JULIA MONTEs! All hail to you jannie! I love your work! PROMISE! <3


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