Travel Friendly Brush Sets by Beauty Cosmetics

Photo By : Beauty Cosmetics
Soooo... You have a makeup enthusiast for a daughter / sibling / girlfriend / friend... And you have no idea on what to get her this Christmas? Well, Beauty Cosmetics has saved you the trouble by coming up with three makeup brush sets that's perfect for gift-giving!

Beauty Cosmetics now offers a brush set available in three, yes THREE, different colors. You have the CLASSY ocean blue set, the DAINTY purple set and the ROSEY pink set. Three different colors to match different personalities. All brush sets have brushes made of synthetic hairs.

Introductory price is P1000 (exclusive of shipping) for the first few sets on hand. Once the first batch of on hand stocks sell out, the brush sets will cost the regular price of P1200... For a 12pc brush set made of great quality, the price is quite a steal! You'll have all the necessary brushes to complete your whole makeup look!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit BEAUTY COSMETICS now or contact the lovely Miss Rosen via SMS at 0915388781!

Question for my readers:
1. Which brush set would you like to personally own?


  1. wow! great deal! thanks for sharing =)

  2. I personally am a PINK lover but I really would love to get the purple one. Though I might get the regular-sized brushes. Or, IDK. Lol. Really confused 'coz these brushes are preetttyy :)


  3. I like DAINTY, the purple one!:) The color is unique!:)

  4. Lovely colors! I was actually thinking of purchasing a new brush set! Will definitely try these! :) Thanks for sharing!

    xx Alice

  5. I'm def getting the purple one! :) Thanks for sharing! :D


  6. I want the PINK one :))))

    Thanks for shairn'
    I will check it out later


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