Haulage : Personal Items

After class earlier, I headed over to the local grocery to pick up some personal items that I had been running low on. This might be a boring post to some, but honestly, I like seeing haul posts on "personal" items because it actually gives me ideas on what stuff to try out next, especially when it comes to hair care & skin care products...

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I got this medium sized bottle of Biogenic alcohol for P27.75 to refill my spray bottle which I use in disinfecting my makeup (especially palettes). I like the Biogenic brand because of its clean smell that isn't rough on my poor nose. 
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Next I got a new shaver from Schick in Exacta2 for P30.50 My old shaver's aloe vera pad is super worn out so when I shave my legs (because waxing can get a bit time consuming sometimes) it won't hurt...
 photo h2_zps6c642c30.jpg
Colgate Optic White is next. This little tube cost P52.00 Both Cj & I got this because of the hype & advertisements. Call me gullible, but I'm a sucker for whitening products!
 photo h4_zps1979d6f4.jpg
Also got this AstrinOsol Ice Pure Tri Defence mouth wash to replace my Listerine mouth wash (that I didn't really like at all) because I've been running low. This 60ml bottle cost P49.50
 photo h6_zpsc0f77f36.jpg
One of my obsessions just happens to be my hair! Now that I got it rebonded again, I have to take extra care of it so I've put my LUSH products on hold and decided to go back to the Dove Damage Therapy shampoo designed to leave your hair "straight & silky". The shampoo cost P192.50. I got the biggest bottle which will last my medium length, thin hair about two months (srsly!)
 photo h5_zps895b63d3.jpg
Since I got the shampoo, I also got the conditioner. This cost me P104.50... I really like this conditioner because it truly does keep my hair soft without weighing it down or getting it greasy.
 photo h8_zps31bac298.jpg
Another thing I'm going back to it the Ponds Clear Balance Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam which costs P137.75 for 100g of product. I'm running low on my Kiehl's facial foam so I've decided to reserve it for night use only and use this Ponds on for my daily daytime routine.
 photo h9_zps9ca1ce2d.jpg
Last thing I purchased is this Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer which costs P129.25 for the 50ml tube. I know I've mentioned before that my Kiehl's Oil Free Facial Moisturizer is my ultimate favorite BUT this Celeteque one is a cheaper alternative and I plan to use this for my daytime routine. This is also the moisturizer I prefer to use on my clients.

So there's my small haul of personal items...
Do you use any of the products above? What personal items do you usually purchase at the grocery/drugstore? 


  1. The last four items are must-haves in my stash of toiletries too!

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  2. I'm also using Celeteque's moisturizer :)

  3. I like it that these products are affordable and accessible! And I learned something from your post, I didn't know makeup can be disinfected with alcohol! Do tell me what you think of the toothpaste! =D

  4. We have the same stuff except for the Pond's facial foam. :) I think its too strong for my skin, so I am now using Cetaphil or Neutrogena facial foam. :/

  5. Haven't tried Celeteque products yet but would love to :) I'm quite choosy kasi when it comes to products for my face. Can't stand Pond's though :(

  6. I also use the Dove shampoo and Conditioner and also this Pond's and the related yellow variety.

  7. Hi Janie! What can you say about the Celeteque Facial Moisturizer? I'm looking for a facial moisturizer kasi. I've tried Royale and Myra. :) And oh, tell me about your Optic White experience. <3

    -paucheeCASIMIRO ♥

  8. I love love love the Celeteque moisturizer too! It's soo light and it makes my skin uber soft and smooth. A definite product love for me! <3



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