Review : Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Brown (UNIQSO!)

Yesterday I posted my first impressions on the pair of lenses generously sent to me by Uniqso
It's been a long time since I last reviewed lenses or even wore lenses so I was pretty excited about this pair. First new pair for 2013! Definitely a pretty pair of Big Eye Circle Lenses!!! 

 photo u2_zps7cf8debe.jpg
What : Barbie Puffy 3 Tone ( Barbie used to be labeled Deuba )
Shade : Brown
Diameter : 16.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 6-12months
Origin : Korea
Price : $7.90/per lens (not per pair)
 photo IMG_6708_zps5375ac2f.jpg  photo IMG_6711_zps1600bfaa.jpg  photo u7_zpse0e20922.jpg  photo u6_zpsa7d4db34.jpg
Love :
* Color & Design. I've gone through a lot of brown lenses and this is by far my favorite one! It even beats my trusty pair of Geo Angel Brown ones because of its unique color & design. In the vial & lens case it looks like a mix between a muted red, chestnut, brown & black. When worn it turns into a lovely hazel color against my dark brown eyes. The unique tri-color design also helps this pair blend quite nicely on my eyes without it disappearing completely. Plus this particular pair doesn't make me look "reptilian" in any way.
* Enlarging. Being 16.5mm, this particular pair doesn't look overly huge on my eyes. I have "medium" sized eyes (as friends have said) so maybe that compensates for the size of the lens. Anyway, this is my first 16.5mm diamete lens and I'm pleased at how it gives off just a "subtle" but noticeable doll-like quality to my eyes.
* Comfortable! Of all the lenses I have tried and owned, these are by far the most comfortable pair ever. I was slightly worried of its low water content but I wore this pair for up to 6 hours without feeling any dryness and that's a big deal for me since I usually get dry eyes on the 4th hour of wear. They are also thin (in a good durable way) thus it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing lenses!
Hate :
*Not locally available.
 photo u5_zps01455be9.jpg
All in all I had a great experience with Uniqso!
Great packaging, great communication between me and the staff, very easy to use their site, plus very gorgeous pairs of lenses in different styles & colors readily available for shipping! Now what else could I look for?

DISCLOSURE : Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.


  1. Your brows and lashes are so stunning! :) Hope I have those kind of brows, too! Mine are so thin and unmanagable!

  2. the price is per lens? omg that is a lil bit pricey in the market.
    but the color is perfect!
    and i love your makeup here! so beautiful!

  3. Like I said when you first showed me this photo thru chat, you look like a doll! Bagay na bagay sayo :)

  4. omg! you look so cutie dear! gnda ng lashes!! taray ng lens too! xx

  5. I WANT FALSE LASHES TOO! T_____T You look pretty, sis! And nice the color. :)

  6. ang ganda ng last photo sis :) ang bait talaga ng uniqso <3

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