Charm Limit Caviar Nails

Out of the many nail art fads that hit the country, nothing caught my eye more than the "caviar" pearls trend but upon seeing how much a "kit" cost online from Ciate, I decided not to go down that road because I wasn't willing to shell out that much for nail art especially since I won't be able to wear it often when I'm at hospital duty....
So you can only imagine how excited I got when Kim of I Am Polished shop contacted me about her sending me my own "ala Ciate" caviar kit. I Am Polished is a newly opened shop that sells a cheaper version of the caviar kit under the brand called Charm Limit.
 photo IMG_7086_zpsedf88339.jpg
What : Caviar Nails Kit
Where : I Am Polished
Price : P165/kit
 photo IMG_7087_zpseb1d6855.png  photo IMG_7094_zps3689e368.jpg  photo IMG_7096_zpsddca2262.jpg  photo IMG_7088_zpse54ea8cc.jpg
Application was a breeze. First I applied the baby pink base, then after the first coat dried I quickly (and carefully!) poured the caviar beads and pushed them down into place with my finger and waited for it to set. And finally I placed a clear top coat to seal everything in!

I know the photo above doesn't really do the set any justice because I suck at doing my own nails but you all get the picture, don't you? *smiles*

I definitely recommend this kit to those who want to explore the caviar trend without breaking the bank. It's a fun and creative way to explore the world of nail art & I'm definitely doing my nails this way again when I next get the chance to.

PS : All my photos will be taken using my iPhone4 for the mean time because my beloved GEE is under repair ever since his LCD went *poof*
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  1. looks great! Have a great day!! :)


  2. Lovely caviar manicure. Buti nalang din ok kahit papaano ang camera ng ip4. Na-miss ko magbasa sa blog mo e.

    Micmic's Corner

  3. this one is a good ciate dupe :)

    What happen to your camera? tsk tsk. awww.. If it happen to my cam It will definitely broke my heart.

  4. Hellooo! I'm hosting an anniversary giveaway on my blog! Get the chance to win a set of clothes from a shop called Sexy Little Things. :)


  5. Is the caviar nail polish easy to apply? I've been wondering how it's like for awhile now because it looks quite interesting! Thanks for sharing though! Now I really wanna try it for myself :)

  6. got this too a while ago, but the tiny beads are falling :3



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