Review : LensVillage - GEO Holicat Barbie Cat (XHC-506)

I recently received a very much awaited package from LensVillage and it was evident at the post office how I was so looking forward to this particular package. I literally could not wait to rip open the package! So that was the first thing I did when I got home and out tumbled my GEO Holicat Barbie Cat lenses!
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The lovely people at LensVillage gave me the opportunity to choose which pair I'd like to review for them and I initially opted for the Puffy 3 Tones Grey lenses but they were out of stock. After searching through their site, I decided to get the Geo Holicat Barbie Cat lenses instead. Their service was fast. They shipped the package out last May 12, 2014 and they arrived at the local post office last May 28, 2014. I picked up the package last May 30, 2014.
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Lens Details:
Brand - Geolica by GEO
Origin - South Korea
Water Content - 42%
Diameter - 14.5mm
Base Curve - 8.70
Center Thickness - 0.07mm
Price - $23 (equivalent to around 1000php+)
Duration - 1 month, disposable
 photo IMG_9781_zps0f9cdc46.jpg  photo IMG_9782_zps36448beb.jpg  photo IMG_9783_zps7f5110cf.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised that this pair came in blister packaging. I prefer lenses that come in blister packaging because they are easier to open. The risk of cutting yourself on the vial's outer covering is lessened. Plus taking a photo of the lenses inside their original packaging is way easier on a blister packaging. I always end up taking awkward photos when they come in vials.
 photo IMG_9784_zps3fb61143.jpg  photo IMG_9792_zps6e0905a4.jpg
My lenses came with a free lens case in a cute bear design. I really like the fact this is yellow. It's such a happy color and it's easier to spot in my drawer full of circle lenses. The downside is that it isn't translucent. It would have been easier to decipher which lenses were inside if it were translucent.
 photo IMG_9793_zps1957efef.jpg
Inside the lens case, without flash.
 photo IMG_9797_zps6b4ab541.jpg
Inside the lens case, with flash.
 photo geoholicat4_zpsb2f5361e.jpg  photo geoholicat_zps5c73e11b.jpg  photo geoholicat2_zpseadf995e.jpg
What I Like :
* Color & Design - I like the unique honey-brown color of this particular pair because it isn't too "in your face" but still gives you a pop of color. It stands out against my dark brown eyes but the dark brown outer ring makes it look less harsh than my circle lenses with black rings. The lenses have a semi-speckled design which looks really pretty when worn.
* Enlarging - Being 14.5mm, this particular pair doesn't look overly huge on my eyes. I'm pleased at how it gives off just a "subtle" but noticeable doll-like quality to my eyes.
* Comfortable - I wore this pair for 8 hours just to test it out. It started feeling a bit dry on the 6th hour but the previous hours were a blast. They felt lightweight on the eyes and very comfortable. I bet even first timers would find this easy on the eyes.

What I Don't Like :
* Pricey.
* Lasts only 1 month.
* Not locally available but at least Lens Village is a super reliable shop that offers this beautiful pair!
 photo geoholicat3_zps6e171121.jpg

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored product sent to me for review purposes. I have not received any monetary compensation for writing this post. I have no material connections to the brand/s, product/s, or service/s that I have mentioned. All opinions stated are my own.

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