Review : Pinky Paradise - Princess Pinky Radiance Blue

Last month I got sent two special pairs of circle lenses for review purposes from my awesome sponsors, Pinky Paradise! Pinky Paradise is an online shop that specializes in all things related to circle lenses. They carry different brands, colors, diameters and also circle lens accessories!
The first pair I got are the Princess Pinky Radiance Blue lenses which I will be reviewing today.
 photo IMG_9840_zps28affee7.jpg  photo IMG_9839_zps9eed5070.jpg  photo IMG_9838_zps10d38829.jpg
Lens Details
Brand : Princess Pinky
Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 38%
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Price : $28.90 (roughly 1260php)
Duration : 1 year, disposable
Freebie : Cute Animal Case!
 photo IMG_9849_zpsf571778f.jpg
Artificial Light, No Flash
 photo IMG_9859_zpsbb32e154.jpg
Artificial Light, With Flash
 photo IMG_9871_zpsa1f51337.jpg
Full Face, Artificial Light, With Flash
 photo IMG_2105_zpse21500bf.jpg
Full Face, Artificial Light, No Flash, iPhone4 camera was used
What I Like:
* Color & Design - I've always had a not-so-secret penchant for blue lenses but haven't found a pair that would compliment my filipina skin tone. This pair leans more on the gray side but there's still that hint of blue sparkle that makes it easy to pull off. The light brown outer ring also compliments the entire design and helps this pair of lenses blend better on my dark brown eyes. I've worn this out a couple of times with and without eye makeup on and I still get complimented on them.
* Enlarging - At 14.5mm this is an enlarging pair without making you look like a reptile. At 23 years old, I tend to stick to 14.0mm and 14.5mm lenses so this is perfect for my taste. 
* Comfort & Ease of Use - For a "seasoned" circle lens wearer, this pair was a breeze to use. It isn't flimsy and isn't heavy on the eyes. I wore this pair for more than 4 hours straight in an air-conditioned room and had no problems whatsoever.
*Lasts for a year!
What I Don't Like:
* Not locally available in Zamboanga. Lucky for me Pinky Paradise stocks this pair!
Andddddddd, here's a couple of wacky face shots! *teehee* photo IMG_2129_zps9bb9c92c.png

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