Review : San San Foundation Cream

About a week or so ago I received a special gift from HBC as part of my blog-partner perk. I got really excited because I've been wanting to try out more locally available products and this was my opportunity to do so. The first gift I got is the San San Hortaleza, M.D. Foundation Cream with Vitamins A, C & E! It has SPF15 and also has Arbutin.

 photo IMG_7237_zps22aa5ffe.jpg
What : San San Hortaleza, M.D. Foundation Cream
Where : HBC Stalls/Outlets
Price : P160
 photo IMG_7238_zpsbe124f42.jpg  photo IMG_7241_zps189801e9.jpg  photo IMG_7242_zps3d25f270.jpg  photo IMG_7244_zpse60eee86.jpg  photo IMG_7245_zps9b4d5c0f.jpg  photo IMG_7247_zpsbc373b1d.jpg  photo IMG_7248_zps06391410.jpg
Love :
* Product Presentation - the cream with white swirls really did appeal to me. Another plus is the separation of the sponge-puff applicator from the actual product for hygienic purposes.
* Affordable & locally available. At P160 it really doesn't make a huge dent in your wallet plus you can just hit your local HBC store to purchase this product.
* Contains Vitamins (A,C&E), has SPF & contains Arbutin (a lightening agent!)
* Medium to Full coverage - depends on the number of layers you apply, but typically this is a non-heavy medium coverage foundation.

Hate :
* Comes in 1 shade only - sadly this comes in only 1 shade (hopefully they release more shades soon!) and for my NC30-35-40 skin tone this can be a hit or miss. Right now, at NC35 I can still manage to pull this off but I doubt if lighter skin tones will find that manageable.
* No oil control! - I have combination to oily skin type and when using this product, I definitely need extra help to keep the oiliness at bay!

Overall, I'd still use this product on myself & on clients who has a compatible skin tone & type. A bit of finishing powder should do the trick to help with my oil problem as well as to somehow balance the shade of this product.

 photo IMG_7251_zps2980d641.jpg  photo IMG_7250_zpsd2bde296.jpg

Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.


Dull to Doll : Geo Nudy Lenses!

It's been a while, hasn't it?
I've been really missing in action these days but it doesn't mean that I've abandoned my blog. I've just been preoccupied but still I try to find time to squeeze in some posts like this one where I'll be reviewing a pair of circle lenses from Dull to Doll.

 photo dd1_zps522d317b.jpg

What : GEO Nudy Brown (CH-624)
Where : Dull to Doll
Price : FREE

Lens Information
Diameter : 14.0mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 6-12 months

GEO lenses are so difficult to get a hold of these days due to issues that I'd rather not discuss, so getting my hands on this pair was definitely a delight. Plus the fact that Miss Valerie of DulltoDoll generously sent this pair to me for free is another huge happy factor for me. The Nudy series happens to be one of the best sellers for GEO, especially the Nudy Brown pair because it really does prettify the eyes! 

 photo dd2_zpsfb252e7c.jpg  photo dd3_zps67020e1d.jpg  photo dd4_zpsf60dd76b.jpg

Love :
* Diameter, Color & Design - This pair definitely falls under the "great for everyday" category because I can definitely pull off wearing this pair even when I'm on hospital duty. It gives off a very dreamy, almost water-like, look to the eyes that I find very appealing. Though it is obvious that you have circle lenses on, this pair doesn't make you look reptilian like some lenses can. Its warm shade of brown also compliments a lot of skin tones.

* I don't need to wear a ton of eye makeup just to make this pair "work" for me. As you can see in the photo, all I have on is a layer of black mascara! I didn't even bother to wear falsies because this pair looks really nice on its own.

* Comfort - Like most GEO lenses, this pair is a joy to wear. 6 hours and no drying sensation. It's thin, in a good way. Feels like my eyes can actually "breathe" even if I'm wearing this pair. Definitely a plus if you plan on wearing this pair for longer periods of time. Also great for newbies!

Hate :
* Very difficult to get your hands on!

Note : DulltoDoll is having a clearance sale on the remaining GEO lenses. They are also selling EOS lenses (as good as GEO ones!)...

 photo dd5_zpsd41d6c55.jpg

DISCLOSURE : Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.


HBC X Jannieology Giveaway Winner

It's finally time to announce the winners of the HBC X Jannieology giveaway!
I apologize for the insane delay but it's been a bit tough blogging because lil ole Zamboanga has been suffering from constant power blackouts and I've been swamped with work. Anyway... Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?
 photo hbc_zpsb265fa6e.jpg
First prize set goes to Miss Luz Soriano!
Check out her answer in the screenshot below.
It was chosen by HBC representative, Miss Lorie Bendiola- Bundoc...
 photo hbcwinner1_zps5bea2889.jpg
Second prize set goes to Miss Rica Sicad drawn by rafflecopter!
 photo hbcwinner2_zps3bb6f21e.jpg
Congratulations to the winners!
Please email me at parel.janna@gmail.com with your full details (name, address, email address, contact number) so I can forward it to Miss Lorie and they can fix the prizes for pick up.
Thank you to everyone who joined in and made this giveaway a success!


Charm Limit Caviar Nails

Out of the many nail art fads that hit the country, nothing caught my eye more than the "caviar" pearls trend but upon seeing how much a "kit" cost online from Ciate, I decided not to go down that road because I wasn't willing to shell out that much for nail art especially since I won't be able to wear it often when I'm at hospital duty....
So you can only imagine how excited I got when Kim of I Am Polished shop contacted me about her sending me my own "ala Ciate" caviar kit. I Am Polished is a newly opened shop that sells a cheaper version of the caviar kit under the brand called Charm Limit.
 photo IMG_7086_zpsedf88339.jpg
What : Caviar Nails Kit
Where : I Am Polished
Price : P165/kit
 photo IMG_7087_zpseb1d6855.png  photo IMG_7094_zps3689e368.jpg  photo IMG_7096_zpsddca2262.jpg  photo IMG_7088_zpse54ea8cc.jpg
Application was a breeze. First I applied the baby pink base, then after the first coat dried I quickly (and carefully!) poured the caviar beads and pushed them down into place with my finger and waited for it to set. And finally I placed a clear top coat to seal everything in!

I know the photo above doesn't really do the set any justice because I suck at doing my own nails but you all get the picture, don't you? *smiles*

I definitely recommend this kit to those who want to explore the caviar trend without breaking the bank. It's a fun and creative way to explore the world of nail art & I'm definitely doing my nails this way again when I next get the chance to.

PS : All my photos will be taken using my iPhone4 for the mean time because my beloved GEE is under repair ever since his LCD went *poof*
 photo tumblr_mjcf3gIVor1qan5yxo1_500_zpsf659b7cf.jpg


Cotton Candy, Anyone?

I'm still totally sleepy as I type this out... Nevertheless I really want to get this review out since I think the product I'm going to be taking about is such an overhyped one. Yes my sweets, overhyped! And as usual, I caved in only after a year of seeing this online and only when it was on SALE!
What product am I talking about? Well, it's another Revlon baby.
It's the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter!
 photo lb1_zpsbb13ad60.jpg
What : Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
" Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated. -Award winning." - Revlon
Where : Sophie J Fashion House 
Price : P280 (SALE!)

 photo lb2_zps19e28691.jpg  photo lb4_zps5e9566ef.jpg  photo lb3_zpsf802091a.jpg  photo lb5_zpsa79f2480.jpg
I'm betting most, if not all, of you have either tried this product, have friends who've tried it or have read a gazillion reviews on this product but still I'm going to give my two cents about it.
When I spotted this on sale from it's usually higher price tag online, I grabbed the opportunity right away. At that time only the shade Cotton Candy was up for grabs so I immediately placed in an order.
Cotton Candy is a baby pink shade with a very subtle golden shimmer to it.

First things first, packaging. I am really in love with the quilt patterned cap that locks firmly in place and doesn't budge even after being tumbled around in the abyss that is my "bag".  Plus points for the cap having the same color as the product that the tube houses! This makes the shade so much easier to spot when I store it alongside my other lipsticks, balms and butters. 

I also like the formulation of the lip butter. It glides without effort onto my lips and is moisturizing. Though it has shimmer in it, you can't feel any grainy scratchy-ness on your lips and the moisturizing effect stays for a couple of hours.

The only thing I had a problem with was the shade I got it in and that the color doesn't stay on too long...  This shade stayed put on my lips for about 2 hours max! I think it doesn't really suite me, or maybe it's because I haven't found an eye look that would go with this shade yet. Maybe next time I'll try checking out a darker shade...

 photo lb6_zpsc43b67dd.jpg  photo lb7_zps600278a8.jpg
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 photo f7094ca9-17ce-4a80-84be-e4f4c9b15dbb_zpsbecb85cd.jpg


Haulage : De-Stressing!

 photo IMG_6837_zps8a65f485.jpg
What : (clockwise)
Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation in Sand - P110
Wet N Wild Coloricon Palette in We're Blasting Off - P120
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Cotton Candy - P280
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson - FREE!
Speed Gloss in Hot Pink - FREE!
Wet N Wild Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black-Brown - P100
Rimmel 16Hr Liquid Liner in Black - P295
Black Radiance Color Artisan Baked Eyeshadow in Rum Spice - P70

Where : Sophie J Fashion House

One of my favorite online shops happens to be Sophie J. Ate Raffy, the shop's owner is very efficient & accommodating and all my orders arrive in superb condition! Plus she has almost daily options HERE and several SALE albums on the Sophie J page. I always get great products from her shop that are pocket friendly and authentic.

That's it for my first haul of the month. More stuff coming in the next few days.
Oh, don't forget to join my ongoing giveaway :

Mini February Giveaway - WINNER!

It's finally time to announce the winner to my Mini February Giveaway that was generously sponsored by Miss ItsZMYuson. Thank you to everyone who supported us by joining our mini giveaway!

 photo zmyuson_zpsdd38a926.jpg

And the lucky winner is:

 photo winner_zps39f4067f.png  photo 2-2_zps5e06ac72.jpg  photo 1-2_zps07a06b6a.jpg
Please email me at parel.janna@gmail.com with your full shipping details within 48 hours. Failure to do so will disqualify you from claiming your prize and I will be choosing a new winner.

To everyone who joined but didn't win, don't be sad. A new giveaway sponsored by HBC is now up. Click HERE to check details regarding that giveaway!

HBC X Jannieology Giveaway

Hello my lovely readers! It's finally March and I've survived my first few days at the new workplace. I'm trying to absorb everything as fast as I can that's why I haven't really had the time to blog these days but I'm making it up to you guys with this really awesome giveaway!
I've recently teamed up with HBC as one of their blog partners and to celebrate the team up, HBC has decided to sponsor a giveaway on my blog! What an awesome way to kick off the month, right?
 photo Giveawayposter_zps90101c99.jpg
 photo FirstPrize_zpsb2846987.jpg
First prize winner will receive a selection of SAN SAN CLASSICS nail polishes!
 photo 2ndPrize_zps8c754a2a.jpg 
Second prize winner will receive a selection of "PINKS & REDS" nail polishes. 
So here are some important details you need to know.
This giveaway is open to all my PHILIPPINE BASED readers only.
Participant must do all the mandatory mechanics.
The giveaway starts today and will end on March 15, 2013.
The winners will be personally picking up their prizes at their nearest HBC branch (it won't be shipped to you). 
There will be 2 winners only. First prize will be given to the one with the BEST ANSWER to the question on the rafflecopter app. This will be decided by myself & an HBC representative. The second prize winner will be drawn via rafflecopter
Woooh! That's it. Now check out the rafflecopter app below to join in the fun! Good luck and enjoy!
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