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I always get asked where I get my circle lenses from. Now all you lovely readers will finally find out since today I'm sharing to you my lovely circle lens fairy, Jhia of the RED JHELLI SHOP. My first encounter with Red Jhelli Shop was on Noe's (colorismyweapon) YouTube channel when she mentioned that she received sponsored lenses from RJS. Needless to say, I contacted them and after a series of emails *BAM!* I became one of Red Jhelli Shop's new "affiliates". I was super ecstatic since circle lenses have a special place in my heart, but enough about me, let's move on and let's get to know Red Jhelli Shop a bit better, shall we?


1-a. Tell us something about the person behind the shop:

A person who values privacy. :)

1-b. Tell us something about the shop. What it offers etc.

We take pride with the Shop’s beliefs that great customer service should be at the top of the list in conjunction with a top of a line product quality. Every day, we go by our phrase that our clients will always be our greatest treasures and we will give them nothing but the best. We don’t offer cheap prices that compromise product quality and service. We offer, what no one else offers, VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

2. When did you start the business and what inspired you to do so?

Red Jhelli Shop was established after the proprietor took the Nursing Licensure Exam way back August 2010. What started as a source of income and diversion, while waiting for the exam result, soon became a source of challenge and inspiration to succeed and do more. Everything started from trash, from the capital for the business to the ideas that has defined the Shop now. Our very first clients were friends, classmates and family members, who later spread the word and since then supported us.

3. What are your "shop" goals for 2012?

Our goals for 2012 are the same as always, be the best than our last best.

Random Question : What are your favorite pair of colored contact lenses and why?

The CH-625 (Nudy Gray) from GEO. Sad to say I have a limited choice regarding the matter because only a handful of lenses are available for grade installment.

There you go guys. To view more of the circle lenses offered by Red Jhelli Shop visit their FB account and/or page. I hope you enjoyed reading this short interview. Stay tuned for more posts on the upcoming days!

To avail of 5% discount on purchases, please use RED-JANNA01 as your discount code!

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