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I've been hounded by my dad to change my old layout for the longest time ever and I finally took the plunge last week. I contacted Kenny Manalad of Style Diaries to give my blog a revamp. His fee is affordable compared to other "web designers" I've seen around. Another plus is that he is easy to work with and delivers what is expected of him.
So, what do you guys think of my new layout?
Comment down below!
PS : To those who exchanged banners/logos/badges with me, this is to inform you that they have been transferred HERE. Please feel free to remove my badge from your sidebar and instead place it on a "page" instead. Thank you!
EDIT : 01/15/13 Due to further layout editing, I can no longer accommodate banners/logos/badges on my site. Instead I will soon be opening a link exchange page. Please feel free to remove my badge from your sidebar. Thank you!
Kenny Manalad charges a standard P800/layout. He accepts payments via Paypal & Union Bank deposits only. Thank you!


  1. love your new layout! it is so refreshing in the eyes :)

  2. I wanna have a revamp too! how much for this sis? :)


  3. I love your new layout! It's very on the minimalist side and yet it suits the "theme" of your blog. And can I just say that I like how your posts are in the middle? Plus, your site loads faster now. :)

  4. love this new look! looks so neat and fresh! :)

  5. I love the new layout♥ It's refreshing & pleasant to the eye♥

  6. Yay! Love the new layout :) Very neat Good job!

  7. love your new lay out.. fab, neat and organized.. =)


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