Haulage : GWYSHOP Goodies!

I'm back with another haul and this time it's from an online store called GWYSHOP. A year ago I received a really nice package from them and I talked about it in this post. I've been meaning to purchase from them again so I was really excited that their circle lenses are part of a promo and that they now sold falsies as well... Read on to know more about what I got from GWYSHOP.
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 photo IMG_8143_zps43aa678f.jpg
GWYSHOP still has great packaging. I'm still very partial to shops with nice packaging (as well as ones that wrap the orders in bubble wrap!) so Gwyshop has impressed me once again. They use paper bags with their cute logo and contact details printed on it. 
 photo IMG_8144_zps72b7bcf2.jpg  photo IMG_8149_zps2b0379fa.jpg  photo g_zpsca47cf60.jpg
I grabbed the opportunity to purchase new falsies. 2 pairs that are bottom lashes and 2 pairs that are top lashes. Each pack cost around P80/each. I really like the styles I got. I'm planning to incorporate both styles in my next "gyaru" makeup tutorial.
 photo g1_zpsd10cdc43.jpg
I also ordered two lipsticks from the brand Sibella. It's an Italy based brand. Each tube cost me only P90. I got one in a plum-mauve and the other in a fuchsia pink shade since these are colors that I prefer using on a daily basis.
 photo g2_zps56eab426.jpg
Last but not the least, I availed of their promo for Crystal lenses. I've never tried Crystal lenses before, so I'm pretty excited to test it out. A pair costs P249 (non-graded) but since I got the promo price, I only paid P599 for 3 pairs. All three pairs have a 15.0mm diameter. I got them in Jewel green, Peridot gray and Ula brown. Reviews will be posted soon!

That's it for my GWYSHOP haul.
Have you heard of this store before? If yes, how did your experience with them go? If no, would you consider buying their kawaii goods? Tell me in the comment box below!


  1. i like that they put effort on their packaging...i have never tried this store before..but will do now!nice post sis! :)

  2. Wowowowow! I am checking out your lipsticks! =D

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  3. I like the falsies that look like individual lashes strung together! :) I need new falsies too so I think I'm gonna check their store. P80 is not bad :)

  4. Nice packaging!

    How's the plum-mauve shade? Post ka naman wearing that please... Thanks!

  5. Falsies! <3 i used to hate them--but then somehow i realized that, it is not that bad really. it makes your eyes more pretty and emphasized.

    anyway, please do check my new blog sometime. thanks. (:

  6. Yay for falsies <3
    I've bought some too from GWY I love their shop :)

  7. Wow! new circle lenses!!! and lashes! <3 speaking of lashes, I really really need to get some new ones for me na. yay..i'm running out of stocks. :))

  8. i have to agree that the packaging is pretty cute. :) i can't wait to see the lenses on you. :) btw, can you recommend a good brand of lipstick/gloss that comes in beautiful nude colors? thanks

  9. niceee!! circle lenses and lashes! perfect shop for kikay girls :D love the falsies :D

  10. Php90 for the lipstick? I'm gonna check this store out. :)

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  12. New contacts for you!!! I wonder what will CJ say if you have any weird colored lenses nanaman hehehe.

  13. wow! yay for colored contact lenses! Loveit! <3
    Their packaging is so fab as well! plus points!

  14. omg! my sister would love this! she likes contact lenses and i love falsies but never tried wearing one yet

  15. Love the packaging. Very trendy! I love those lashes as well!

  16. I'm a sucker for cute packaging! Great haul hun :) I love the lashes <3

  17. the stuffs were so cute..I love the bottles of the contact lenses!


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