Haulage : GWYSHOP Goodies!

I'm back with another haul and this time it's from an online store called GWYSHOP. A year ago I received a really nice package from them and I talked about it in this post. I've been meaning to purchase from them again so I was really excited that their circle lenses are part of a promo and that they now sold falsies as well... Read on to know more about what I got from GWYSHOP.
 photo IMG_8142_zps72219e94.jpg
 photo IMG_8143_zps43aa678f.jpg
GWYSHOP still has great packaging. I'm still very partial to shops with nice packaging (as well as ones that wrap the orders in bubble wrap!) so Gwyshop has impressed me once again. They use paper bags with their cute logo and contact details printed on it. 
 photo IMG_8144_zps72b7bcf2.jpg  photo IMG_8149_zps2b0379fa.jpg  photo g_zpsca47cf60.jpg
I grabbed the opportunity to purchase new falsies. 2 pairs that are bottom lashes and 2 pairs that are top lashes. Each pack cost around P80/each. I really like the styles I got. I'm planning to incorporate both styles in my next "gyaru" makeup tutorial.
 photo g1_zpsd10cdc43.jpg
I also ordered two lipsticks from the brand Sibella. It's an Italy based brand. Each tube cost me only P90. I got one in a plum-mauve and the other in a fuchsia pink shade since these are colors that I prefer using on a daily basis.
 photo g2_zps56eab426.jpg
Last but not the least, I availed of their promo for Crystal lenses. I've never tried Crystal lenses before, so I'm pretty excited to test it out. A pair costs P249 (non-graded) but since I got the promo price, I only paid P599 for 3 pairs. All three pairs have a 15.0mm diameter. I got them in Jewel green, Peridot gray and Ula brown. Reviews will be posted soon!

That's it for my GWYSHOP haul.
Have you heard of this store before? If yes, how did your experience with them go? If no, would you consider buying their kawaii goods? Tell me in the comment box below!


Review : SanSan Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Last month when I stopped by my local HBC outlet I picked up some of their new products and that includes the SanSan waterproof eyeliner pen. Now to be honest I didn't really have high hopes since I've always been "malas" (unlucky) when I pick up eyeliner pens. Most times when I take them out of the packaging they're dried up! I was super relieved that these weren't... Read on to know if I recommend these babies or not. *winks*
 photo IMG_8035_zps052c0ee0.jpg  photo IMG_8036_zpsbae03519.jpg  photo IMG_8037_zps9d3c2b8f.jpg  photo IMG_8039_zps6ee3df84.jpg
What : SanSan Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Shades Available : Brown, Black
Where : HBC Outlets/Stalls
Price : P115 (yes, I got this at P115 but I've read from other blogs that these can go as low as P85)
 photo IMG_8040_zpsf7bb1c9c.jpg  photo IMG_8042_zpse200a50a.jpg
* not set with similar colored eyeshadow, instead "set" means to let dry before rubbed...
 photo IMG_8043_zps78288e5b.jpg  photo IMG_8044_zps019107fa.jpg  photo IMG_8046_zpsc67d3b67.jpg  photo IMG_8048_zpsabe36935.jpg

Love :
*Packaging - I really like that the pen is really lightweight and its cap is securely locked in place every time I use this. I don't have to worry about it leaking in my kikay kit or wherever. I also appreciate the colored bottoms which serve as instant labels for the pens so even if they're stored upside down, no need to worry about grabbing the wrong shade.
* Felt Tip - I love this kind of tip the most because it is the easiest (IMHO) kind to use. I can control it easily and even if I'm in a hurry, I rarely mess up when I use my SanSan eyeliner pens. Its tip is also shorter and more firm compared to some other pen liners I've tried. This, for me, allows for better precision and handling.
* Pointed Tip - Comes in handy when I want to create a sharp cat eye. And it's not at all scratchy or irritating when I draw on the line/s.
* Pigmented - Both shades have good color payoff especially the black one. It's one of the most solid blacks I've tried so far. The brown one isn't as pigmented as the black but it's still relatively solid and good for "everyday" use though I often reach out for the black pen most days.
* Staying Power - Okay, I know most of you will be confused because in the "test" photos above these babies smudged so easily, right? But once set well, it doesn't budge at all and lasted a whole 8 hours on me without smudging or flaking.
* Affordable & Locally Available!

Hate :
* The only thing I really hate about it is that it failed on the tests I put it through on the back of my hand BUT it performed so well when I applied in onto my upper lash line as an eyeliner. It's very contradicting and I'm sure confusing on my readers part that I have so many good things to say about this product but the photos say otherwise. Bottom line is that I encourage everyone to test this out for themselves to see how they fare on you because Celline of Product Arena has a totally different experience from mine and it's evident in her photos how wonderful these liners are!

Tips :
* For those with oily lids like me, use a primer! Primer isn't just for eyeshadows, you know. It'll help the eyeliner stay on longer.
* Set with a similarly colored eyeshadow to further extend the liner's pigmentation and longevity.
* Allow to completely dry and set before venturing outside.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsd72970db.jpg

Oh and before I end this post, I need your opinions my lovely readers!
Do you think this cut and/or color would suit me? I might not push through with the cut BUT I'm so into the color that I might just do it! Help!!! *lol*

 photo hair_zps296e096c.jpg

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Haulage : 22nd Birthday Edition!

A few days ago, specifically May 12, I turned 22 years old and celebrated that moment with close friends, family & my OR workmates. I just wanted to share the things I got for my 22nd birthday aside from a whole lot of love and support from the people who care about me...
 photo bday1_zps58f81e58.jpg
What's a birthday without cake? I ordered my makeup themed birthday cake (money from my folks!) from Sweet Sky Cakes & Confections for P808. The Myrna's Strawberry cake (lower left) is from my OR workmates and the banana loaves (lower right) were ordered by me from an OR workmate, Ate Krizia. Yes, we gobbled up a whole lot of cake on my birthday!
 photo bday2_zps2b33e9f4.jpg
A rechargeable desk fan from my boyfriend. Cj knows how much of a hard time I have when the power blackouts hit so he got me this for my birthday. A lot of people said how weird it is and unromantic of him to get me a rechargeable desk fan but it is by far one of the BEST gifts I got because it's practical and will come in handy for all those hot stuffy nights without electricity.
 photo bday3_zps5d0addac.jpg
Wedge sneakers from Fancy Feet. I pre-ordered these babies last month.
I'm really happy with the fit and the added boost it gives to my lame height.
This cost me P2340 + shipping.
 photo bday5_zps74512486.jpg
Another pair of Neckermann sandals from my folks. This time in a metallic purple color. These are really comfortable to walk in even if I'm extremely flat footed. I have this in brown as well!
 photo bday4_zps050361c2.jpg
First three tops are the ones I ordered for myself from Miss Joanne Paralejas She sells plus size items that are affordable and fashionable! The last three tops are all from my awesome mum.
So lucky that she knows what I'm into.
 photo bday6_zpsf89c9c4d.jpg
Assorted beauty products that I received from my mum, my close friend Shanne and some that I ordered from Beauty's TreasureThe Vanity Zone, The Primp Pad and Womanity.
 photo bday7_zps4b7caa45.jpg
Last but not least, this really cool black faux leather 2-way bag from Unicole (Instagram). This cost P550 + shipping. It was my first time ordering from Miss Nicole and I must say that she is indeed a very understanding and accommodating seller. Check out her Instagram shop to see more of her 
"UNICole" bags!

Aside from the stuff posted above, I also received cash and tons of food stuff like my favorite Tim Tams and Loacker wafers plus a box of my favorite tea! Indeed it was a very happy birthday. I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed me so much. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Catch you on the next one!


Jannieology X BCK Makeup : Giveaway Alert!

As promised in my previous post, here's another giveaway in celebration of me turning 22 (last May12!). My love for makeup will be eternal so I'm really happy to share this makeup themed giveaway but first I'd like to talk a bit more about my lovely sponsor...
 photo giveaway1_zps6fb21876.jpg
"Beauty Crafts by Kiran is founded by Kimberly Ann also known as "Kim" or “Kiran” which means sun rays in Hindi. Kiran is her screen name as a makeup artist, an award-winning makeup artist and airbrush specialist.

Kiran finished her professional airbrush course at Make Up For Ever Academy, Singapore and pro makeup artistry course at Maquillage Professionel (supported by Makeup For Ever, Paris) specializing in facial beauty, high fashion, bridal and photography makeup. She is a certified hairstylist too, having finished her training in David’s Salon Academy and a member of Philippine Make-Up Artists Association (PMUAA).

At present, she is now an instructor at Golden Success Aviation School in Manila for flight attendant trainees on their beauty class, makeup instructor at Infoguide Training Center located at Ortigas and instructor at her own makeup studio located in Makati. She's also the brand developer of BCK Cosmetics & Tools and a freelance makeup artist specializing in weddings, photoshoots, events, tv ads and more."

 photo kiran_zps4d2f16e7.jpg
Below are only some of her amazing work. Visit the official Facebook page to check out more!
 photo giveaway2_zpsdcd08069.jpg
She even has workshops for those makeup enthusiasts like me! Below is a copy of the June workshops.
 photo 913742_469671083108466_564106906_o_zpsffc6cbff.png
Now onto everyone's favorite part. The actual giveaway!
 photo giveaway_zpsd2898359.jpg
There will be one (1) lucky Philippine based winner who will be taking this loot home with her/him! Below are bigger photos for your viewing pleasure...
 photo 550012_447498461992395_976056808_n_zps4b6c50b0.jpg
1 BCK Eyeshadow Palette
 photo 374463_447493201992921_37960334_n_zpsc9065ec6.jpg
1 BCK Concealer Wheel
 photo 254430_447493185326256_1032093801_n_zps2a55b2d6.jpg
1 BCK Black Gel Eyeliner
 photo 555272_420008421408066_495099818_n_zps50c040be.jpg
1 BCK Egg Sponge in Teal Green ONLY
 photo 735085_420008481408060_515831226_n_zps377eecb5.jpg 1 BCK box of false lashes (10 pairs!)
Indeed a great loot, right?! So what do you have to do to be able to get a chance at winning? Check out the rafflecopter application below and do all the mandatory mechanics to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
NOTAC : Giveaway will run starting today (05-15-13) till June 15, 2013. Winner will be announced shortly after. This giveaway is open to Philippine based readers only and is open to girls/guys who are 18 years old and above. If you are a minor, and you win, I will require you to send me a scanned permission letter from your parents that it is okay for them to give me your shipping address so I can ship the items to you... Good luck everyone and  enjoy!


Review : GEO Starmish Brown from Eyecandy's.Com

A few months ago, Miss Chloe of Eyecandys.Com emailed me regarding a sponsorship for a pair of circle lenses of my choice. I immediately emailed back thrilled at the news. I knew which pair I wanted right away. I requested to review the GEO Starmish Brown lenses. It's a fairly new design that still falls under their Princess Mimi series. The Starmish series was produced by another Gyaru model named Mai Hirose. It comes in a black version too but I asked for the brown ones instead since I already have dark colored eyes to begin with.
 photo IMG_7703_zpsaf81a621.jpg
Brand : GEO
Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 38%
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 8.7
Duration : 6-12 months disposable
 photo IMG_7705_zpsc46f010a.jpg  photo IMG_7706_zpsf46ba938.jpg
 photo cc_zps9106a869.jpg
Love :
Color & Design. I've gone through a lot of brown lenses and this is one of my favorites. It reminds me of my Princess Mimi Brown pair BUT this one's brighter and more vibrant. Definitely an attention grabber and may not be the pair for first time user who want to keep things "simple". The tri-color design also helps this pair blend quite nicely on my eyes without it disappearing completely. Plus this particular pair doesn't make me look "reptilian" in any way.
Enlarging. Being 14.5mm, this particular pair doesn't look overly huge on my eyes. It's obvious enough that I have circle lenses on but not obvious enough for it to be considered odd. I actually prefer 14.5mm lenses because I can typically get away with wearing them with little or no makeup unlike with bigger diameter lenses where I feel I have to put on more eye makeup to "complement" the largeness.
* Comfortable! I didn't experience any stinging, itchiness or uncomfortable "dryness" while wearing this pair. I was able to use this for 5 hours straight before I had to "freshen" up my eyes.
Hate :
*Not locally available
 photo cc1_zpsd18d12f3.jpg

Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.


Review : San San Hortaleza, MD BB Cream!

My first post for May! So happy that it's finally my birth month. Watch out for a giveaway on the 12th!
A few  months ago, my lovely friends from HBC sent me a goodie bag with their new products. First was the cream foundation which I reviewed in an earlier post and second is the SanSan Hortaleza, MD BB Cream. BB Creams have been all the rage since last year and I've seen different brands of BB Cream sprout out of nowhere but I'm really impressed that a Philippine brand has decided to join the bandwagon... Read on for more of my thoughts on this product.
 photo IMG_7829_zps88db6738.jpg
What : San San Hortaleza, MD BB Cream
Where : HBC Stalls/Outlets
Price : P149.75 (P150!!!)
 photo IMG_7831_zps37acf38a.jpg  photo IMG_7832_zps4bdfc697.jpg  photo IMG_7833_zpsb45e798a.jpg
Love :
* Packaging - I love the fact that it comes with a pump. This makes it a lot easier to handle and use plus it's hygienic. The packaging is also very lightweight and ideal for travel. It takes very minimal space in your kikay kit!
* Workable - It blends easily despite its thick consistency and sets fairly quickly but not fast enough that you can't blend it out anymore.
* Has SPF43, Squalane, Vitamins A,C,E & other good stuff!
* Semi Matte finish - I love the finish of this BB cream. Not too matte and not too "dewy".
* Great Coverage - This BB Cream by far has the best coverage out of all the BB Creams I've tried so far. It covers all that needs to be covered with only 1 layer of product. For more stubborn scars, I use 1 more layer.
* Doesn't have an unpleasant smell. I can tolerate the slight "sweet" hint I smell whenever I use this.
* Locally available at your nearest HBC stall!
* Affordably priced at P149.75!
Hate :
* Color Match - This doesn't match me now that I'm bordering the NC30-35 fence. It's a tad bit too dark for my face especially since I've been going overboard with all the SPF and whitening products. I hope SanSan releases the same BB Cream formulation with a wider range of shades!
* No OIL Control - For someone like me (I have oily-combi skin!) this is a major problem! I need a touch of powder after 3 hours, especially in the humid Philippine weather.
 photo ssbbc_zps36c54581.jpg
Ending this post with a music video by the Spice Girls. I'm turning 22 on May 12 and I just can't believe it's been so long since I last heard one of the Spice Girls' songs. I grew up in the 90's btw. :)

Some products shown on this post were PR sample/s sent to me for review and/or use. All opinions are unbiased & my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brand/s mentioned.