Jannieology @ PR2 ~ Giveaway - WINNER

When Jannieology upgraded to a PR2, I knew that I had to throw a giveaway because I wouldn't have been able to reach this far with my blog if I didn't give back my blessings to my dear readers. 


After raking in over 3000 entries, it's finally time to announce the giveaway winner!
*drum roll*

And the winner is :



Congratulations Miss Jemm De Leon.
You have 48 hours to email me (parel.janna@gmail.com) with your details. Failure to comply will automatically disqualify you from claiming your prizes and I shall pick a new winner...

To everybody who joined, thank you so much. Watch out for upcoming giveaways!


DIY : Cute Bow Flats

Hello sweethearts! I know I've been M.I.A the past few days. Life has been a bit busy for me but today I'm back to share a quick D.I.Y project...

I'm more of the "flats" type of girl because I find them easy to walk & run in. I'm a busy body and need  to wear footwear that help me accomplish my errands without giving me that *ouch* factor I get when I wear heels.

One of the basic flats I have in my collection is this random pair of black flats that I got at the local mall a few months ago for only P200. As you can see it's just a plain black color with a bow in the front. That bow used to have golden "clasps" which fell off after two weeks. (LOL!) So now my once "pretty" flats are pretty DRAB and BORING.

Since I'm a bit low on funds and can't afford to buy a new pair of flats, I decided to look for a way to spruce up this old pair and make them look a bit "new"... And all I really needed were this clip on bow hair accessories which cost me P36/3 pairs!

I got a baby pink pair, a teal pair and a bright coral-peach pair.
They are super easy to use too! All I did was clip them onto the bows on my flats and *poof!* instant "new" cute bow flats!

I initially wanted to glue them on, but decided against it so I can go between different bow colors without having to deal with possibly ruining my flats with the glue... Cool, eh?

Watch out for my next D.I.Y project where I turn another pair of old flats into a pretty glittered one! 


Beauty By The Dozen ~ A Giveaway!

Do you love giveaways?
Well 12 of us certainly love hosting giveaways!
12 of Beauty Bloggers United's members have collaborated to present our dearest readers with one helluva giveaway!
Bloggers : Amz Blog • The Pink Margarita • LalalaPatricia • Stella Jezebelle 
• Janelleski • Makeup by Raych
 • CandyLoveArt • Makeup Artistry by Pretz 
• Frozen Blossoms by Senzy • Jannieology • MitchieKyuti • YettezkieDoodles.

Aptly called BEAUTY BY THE DOZEN, this giveaway will run for three (3) weeks and is open to all our PHILIPPINE based readers only...
Check out all the stuff at stake! Believe me when I say that I myself am so tempted to enter the giveaway because the amount of stuff at stake just blew me away...


How to Join using Rafflecopter:
1. Make sure to follow all bloggers via Networked BlogsTumblr and Google Friend Connect (This is mandatory. Failure to do so will make your entry null and invalid).
2. Like all Facebook pages of sponsors and bloggers.
4. Leave a Blog Post Comment with your Name, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and GFC Name
5. Five (5) winners will be drawn on December 15, 2012. Winners will be contacted through email. ♥
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Makeup Swap : Rhaichael

I had my second makeup swap with Miss Rhain of Rhaichael and she sent over tons of Mary Kay goods. I've never had the chance to use Mary kay products before so I got really excited when she told me she'd be sending me some Mary Kay stuff...

1. Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Luster ~ normally I don't wear lip gloss because I hate that "sticky" feeling on my lips but this particular lip gloss has a very light weight feel to it. I've been using this more and more each day because it's such a wearable rose color with very fine multi colored "glitters" in it...

2. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Cream ~ this is my new "favorite" brow bone highlighter. It's a pigmented cream color that stays put and looks great!

3. Mary Kay Disposable Makeup Tray ~ an HMUA's best friend! I've been using this to mix foundations, cream shadows, lipsticks and other makeup products that I need to use on my client. It indeed is a life saver!

4. Mary Kay Time Wise Refine & Replenish...

5. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color & Blush samples...

6. Mary Kay Satin Hands Hand Cream in Peach ~ I am totally in love with the smell of this hand cream plus it isn't oily or grimy in any way. I've been reaching for this ever since I got it!

7. Mary Kay Time Wise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation samples & Mary Kay Creme Lipstick samples...

I've yet to try out the samples she sent over but I'm very much excited to put them to good use! :)
To anybody interested in having a makeup swap with me you can send me a message via email at parel.janna@gmail.com! 


Ho!Ho!Ho! ~ Pre Holiday Giveaway

I can really feel the spirit of Christmas...

It's colder in the mornings and my lolo's blasting good ole Christmas songs all day...
The malls as well as the neighbors are starting to decorate their houses with glittery garlands and grand Christmas trees...
I can just feel it in my bones that Christmas is soooo close...

So I'm sure now is the perfect time to hold a pre-holiday giveaway!
I've collaborated with Genzel, Jemm, Milna, Patty & Cee to bring you lovely readers several treats!


Check out the awesome prize sets below!~

1 black top, 1 patterned handbag, 1 kawaii hat, 1 "gucci" inspired watch, 1 nivea deodorant, 1 perfume, 2 lip glosses, 1 pink notepad, 1 headband, 1 pair dangling earrings, 1 anti-acne soap sample

1 kawaii hat, 1 silver mirror compact, 1 pink notepad, 4 bracelets, 2 rings, 1 lip gloss

1 kawaii hat, 2 bracelets, 1 pair couple watch, 1 bag hanger, 1 lip gloss

1 white notepad, 1 hair bun maker, 1 lip gloss, 1 ring, 1 bracelet, 1 anti-acne soap sample

To join in this giveaway, just accomplish the tasks on the rafflecopter app:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A few reminders...
This giveaway will run for three weeks only, so it ends on Dec 03, 2012. The winners will be announced shortly after. This giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE based readers only.
Thank you so much for all the support and to everybody, good luck!


BTS : Aj Mendoza

Yesterday was a day of firsts...
It was my first time to be working on a male subject, Aj Mendoza, my first time seeing Sefi play with different colored light effects, and my first time working with Prei.
Above is a photo collage of some of the BTS (behind the scenes) shots.
For now I'll leave you all with the unofficial teaser. I can't disclose the concept right now so I'll leave you with your imaginations working. *wink*

Client : Aj Mendoza
PH : Sefi Curada
HMUA : Janna Parel
Stylist : Prei Datolio

We are open to cater to Zamboaga based clients!
Contact me (Janna/Jannie) at 09179096366 for bookings.


30 Day Makeup Challenge - Day 3/30 & 4/30

I totally forgot to post the third day question for my 30 day makeup challenge yesterday, so I'm doing it today instead...

Day 3 : Favorite Brand

I've been using NYX products for the longest time ever. Since I started my love affair with makeup, NYX has always been one of those makeup brands that I've sworn by. I use it on myself and on my clients. They offer great quality products at affordable prices. I always find myself coming back to NYX products at the end of the day...

Day 4 : Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what's your color & favorite?

I like wearing foundation on special occasions. I also have a ton of favorites but this product is the one I use the most among my stash of "favorites". It's the Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation and I'm in the color Medium Beige 745 (warm undertone). On me, this leaves a semi-matte finish.


Shop Alert : Aiza Victoria

Photobucket Photobucket
AIZA VICTORIA is a relatively new venture by the owners of Comfort Scents Online.
My friends from Comfort Scents Online recently decided to expand what products they offer by including customizable stuff for your gadgets especially catering to iPhone users needs for customized cases... A few weeks ago, they contacted me and informed me that they were going to ship me one of their best sellers which is a bumper + 5 back covers combo pack. (**price upon request**)
Their iPhone cases come in a personalized store box where you can keep your case when it's not in use.  Take note of the fact they put attention to details like this. However the box did put up with quite a beating during transit and arrived a bit "crumpled" in some corners probably due to the lack of bubble wrapping around the box since all it came in was a flimsy paper bag.

I received one (1) bumper with a transparent back flap so that the back cover design will peek through. They offer several other colors of bumpers like black, pink, lime, purple etc. I specifically chose white because I thought it would match most of the back covers that I wanted...

These are the five (5) back covers that I chose...
The back covers are printed on a sturdy semi-board / photo-paper type material. It has a glossy finish to it and the colors are pretty vivid on the paper...
Check out more photos of my customized case (when worn)
1 personalized one which says "Keep Calm and Love My Blog". It has my blog's url on the bottom.
1 Philippine Flag design to show "pinoy pride".

1 Hello Kitty design to remind me of my childhood obsession.

1 Galaxy design because I think it's awesome to have at least 1 galaxy-print item in my life.

And lastly one "Cath Kidston" inspired floral design because I'm a sucker for anything floral!

What I Liked :
* Came inside a storage box where I can store my case when not in use.
* Customizable.
* Tons of pre-designed prints to choose from.
* Wide range of bumper colors to choose from.
* High quality materials were used.
* You can purchase additional back covers. (**price upon request**)

What I Didn't Like :
* Box came a bit beaten up.
* Bumper is a bit tricky to put on and take off.
* Some of my back covers had to be re-shaped. I had to cut off some excess parts so that the transparent back flap of the bumper could be closed properly.
Overall I think this is an ingenious gift to give your loved ones with iPhone4/4s phones. Definitely something you can hand out this coming Christmas season... Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to AIZA VICTORIA and purchase your own customized case!

DISCLAIMER : Items were sent for review purposes. All opinions are unbiased and my own.


30 Day Makeup Challenge - Day 2/30

Question for today :
How did you learn to put on makeup?


My affair with makeup all started with YouTube videos. Everything that I know now is through YouTube. I learned how to take care of my skin, apply primer, apply different types of foundation, eyeshadows, blush, lip products and everything makeup related on YouTube. I even learned about which products would most likely fit my skin type, tone, personality & lifestyle on YouTube.

Some of my favorite YouTube Gurus are:
Michelle Phan
Promise Phan
Andrea's Choice
Jessica Harlow
Dulce Candy 87

And so many more...


Jannieology @ PR2 ~ Giveaway!

I'm not a crazed blogger who's after PR ranks but it still does get me excited. For the longest time ever, my PR has always just been a PR1 blog, but a few days ago, after being prompted  by other bloggers to check my PR, I'm happy to announce that Jannieology is now a PR2 blog! I know it's still low compared to other bloggers with higher PR but I'm proud of this accomplishment. Now I've decided to host this small giveaway as a form of thanks to my readers who have been supportive of me all throughout these past few months... Enjoy!

One (1) lucky Philippine based reader will receive the following goodies :
1 hair bun maker
1 crystal bling stick on sheet
1 neon usamimi headband (bunny ears headband)
2 neon bracelets
1 neon pink rock-on ring
1 purple-orange star ring
1 choco cupcake polymer clay necklace
1 wet n wild meglast lipstick
1 pair false eyelashes
1 elf blush

To join in this giveaway accomplish the tasks below :
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Just as a reminder, the giveaway runs the whole month on November. It will end on Novemeber 30, 2012 and the winner will be picked using the rafflecopter app shortly after. The announcement will be made within the first week of December. Announcement will be posted on my blog & facebook page.
Good luck to everybody!

30 Day Makeup Challenge - Day 1/30

The past few days have been a bit stagnant for my blog. I've been busy with so many things outside my "online life" that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to update often... So when I saw Katleya of Eyahnism posting this makeup challenge, I decided to do it as well... I'm starting today!

The question for the first day is : When did you start putting on makeup?

My introduction to makeup took place a couple of years ago when I was still in high school. During my sophomore year, I started using Johnson's pressed powder in natural and random lipglosses that my mum would give me. I never really cared about using more products back then. In my junior year, I discovered eyeliner and mascara. I went through that awkward stage in my makeup life where in I piled on the eyeliner and mascara and left the rest of my face so pale and bare. Some called it the "emo" look, but don't quote me. I hate branding people anyway...
In college I added a touch of blush to my routine but it was when I turned 18 that I really took a serious interest in makeup. After my debut, I decided to search more into makeup brands and makeup products suitable for my skin type, tone, personality and lifestyle and thus my romance with makeup started...
Now I'm totally in love with makeup! But take note, I don't wear makeup everyday... *lol*


10 Favorite Makeup Tag!

My co-blogger sis Milna of PinkMommy3030 recently tagged me and since I'm a fan of beauty tags, I decided to do this 10 Favorites tag to share to all my readers. 
The rules are simple, just list down your ten favorites per category. You may include things you already own and things that you're hoping to get your hands on in the future...

So, let's get started!
*all products listed are products that I personally own and use*

10 Favorite Makeup Brushes
1. Sigma F80 - flat top kabuki brush
2. Sigma F82 - round top kabuki brush
3. Beauty Cosmetics flat top brush (pink)
4. Elf studio line powder brush (flat top)
5. Ecotools blush brush
6. Elf eye blending brush (I have six of this!Lol!)
7. CPC large eyeshadow brush
8. Beauty Cosmetics fluffy blending brush
9. Beauty Cosmetics angled eyeliner brush
10. Beauty Cosmetics angled blush brush

10 Favorite Lip Products
1. NYX soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa
2. NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose
3. NYX round lipstick in Indian Pink
4. ModelsOwn matt hyperbrite lipstick in Pink Hawaiian
5. EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop
6. Lucas Papaw Ointment
7. Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey
8. Human Nature tinted lip balms
9. Wet n Wild megalast lipstick in Spiked with Rum
10. Wet n Wild megalast lipstick in Mauve Outta Here

10 Favorite Cheek Products
1. Elf studio line blush in Peachy Keen
2. Elf studio line blush in Mellow Mauve
3. NYX cream blush in Glow
4. NYX cream blush in Natural
5. NYX powder blush in Mocha
6. Ever Bilena powder blush in Raisin
7. NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder in Sunny
8. BeautyUk powder blush in Dolly Pink
9. Mememe highlighter in Sun Beam
10. MAC powder blush in Gingerly

10 Favorite Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Palette, Cream Eyeshadows
1. MAC e/s in Naked Lunch
2. MAC e/s in Soft Brown
3. Beauty Cosmetics 120pc Palette Version3
4. Wet n Wild coloricon palette in Vanity
5. NYX Nude on Nude Palette
6. Sleek Curacao Palette
7. NYX Butt Naked Eyes Palette
8. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk
9. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Gold
10. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt

10 Favorite Beauty Stores/Shops
1. Watsons (Singapore)
2. Guardian (Singapore)
3. Shoppers Plaza (local Zamboanga mall)
10. Beauty Cosmetics

10 Favorite Nail Polishes
1. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Catch Me
2. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Brown
3. Bobbie in Touch of Tan
4. Bobbie in Touch of Beige
5. Bobbie in Silver Glitter
6. Orly Candy Cane Lane
7. O.P.I. Come To Poppy
8. O.P.I. Cha-Ching Cherry
9. O.P.I Fly
10. China Glaze Limbo Bimbo

10 Favorite Foundations, Powders, Concealers
1. Shu Uemura Face Architect in Medium Beige
2. MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35
3. Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden
4. Revlon Colorstay in Medium Beige
5. Loreal True Match in Natural Beige
6. EnCara BB Cream
7. Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental
8. Lioele Waterdrop BB Cream
9. NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige
10. NYX HD Photogenic Foundation in #3

10 Beauty Essentials
1. Sleep
2. Lots of fluids
3. Kiehl's Oil Free Gel Moisturizer
4. Kiehl's Calendula Toner
5. Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
6. Shu Uemura Face Architect in Medium Beige
7. Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental
8. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny
9. Lucas Papaw
10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

10 Favorite Beauty Bloggers (in no particular order)
1. MyLucidIntervals
2. ProductArena
3. IAmBrigitte
4. Chilipina
5. AilaApolo
6. TheProjectAwesome
7. JannahMarieLopez
8. KimPossiblyGorgeous
9. MissKatV
10. PinkMargarita

Now I'm supposed to tag 10 beauty bloggers, but instead I'm going to tag YOU! Yes you! Anybody who's reading and wants to do this tagged should go right ahead. When you're done, leave links to your post on the comment box below so I can read your own answers! :D

All Hail The Queen ~ Dissected (P4)

Products Used :

Celeteque facial moisturizer
Elf mineral infused face primer
Revlon colorstay liquid foundation - medium beige
NYX concealer wand - fair, beige (under eye area, face, & brows)
NYX all over bronzer - medium
Mememe highlighter - sunbeam
Ever Bilena powder blush - earth
Elf powder blush - glow
NYX powder blush in mocha
Generic palette blush - tangerine
NYX HD eyeshadow base
NYX butt naked eyes palette
False eyelashes
DUO glue - clear
Maybelline hypercurl volum' express mascara - black
Lip palette - nude beige

**PLUS : Special touch ups c/o Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography

Don Vicente Restaurante Latino

Aside from doing freelance makeup, another thing I enjoy is eating out and trying new restaurants... Living in Zamboanga City can be a little frustrating for my palate since there aren't a lot of unique dining places that grab my attention... So obviously I was delighted when a fellow Zamboanga blogger and friend, Anj, blogged about this new place that's going through its "dry run" phase... I decided to stop by for lunch the other day and I'm glad I did...

Don Vicente Restaurante Latino is a cozy little resto located at Crispin Atilano Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City. It is currently owned and managed by Mr. Vincent Paul Elago...
This is what Mr. VP Elago had to say when I asked him a bit more information about Don Vicente...

"I have been around and I love eating good food mainly mexican and italian food. I noticed that the real Mexican and Italian food have their distinct taste compared to the Filipino version of some of their known food that we also cook filipino style. There are plenty of herbs and spices absent in our local versions that give the real Mexican or Italian food that distinct taste reflecting their origin... So, I decided that it's time that the people of Zamboanga be given the real taste of Mexican and Italian cuisine through a small Latino restaurant that I decided to open and name after the patriarch of my clan."

For now, the restaurant is going through their "dry run" period with currently 10 tables ready to accept diners... But in case of a sudden rush of diners, they also have a their "VIP" area to accommodate the diners. Don Vicente is open daily starting 10:30am-2pm after which they close for "siesta break" as said by Mr. Elago... The resto then re-opens at 5pm-11pm to serve dinner.

I asked Mr. Elago regarding his crew, his chef as well as the food preparation and here's what he had to say :

"The best sellers so far are the Mexican asadas, lenguas and the various pastas. The dry run menu is some kind of a test. We are observing closely the movement of our food as well as the preference of our clients.By the time we will be officially opening, we will definitely have more choices for our clients.
The ingredients especially the herbs and spices are imported. However, we have also started to grow them right here at the restaurante. Don't be surprise when you'll notice one of this days, our chef going out to pick some leaves at the garden and going back hurriedly to the kitchen.

Our meats are washed and cooked separately. Beef, chicken and pork are washed in different basins and also cooked saparately. This is very important for the restaurante since some of the people who come don't eat pork due to their religious customs.
Our chef is Italian who used to work in a prestigious ristorante in Italy also in a European cruise ship. The frontline crew or attendants as I prefer to call them are mostly my relatives and are working hard to meet the standard I have set. Give them a couple of weeks more and I am sure they will be among the main reasons why clients will enjoy the restaurant even more.."

Now that I've given you guys a little background information about Don Vicente, it's time for a review of sorts...

When we arrived at the resto the other day it was around 11:30am and we were just in time for an early lunch... As I walked into the resto, the first thing I notice is the plush interior. It had a very nice feel to it, very latin-ish. Their air conditioning was also running properly, it wasn't too hot nor too cold. Just the right temperature for people to enjoy their meal away from the Zamboanga heat. One thing to take note of were the big tables that seat 6 or more people, definitely perfect for family meal time. I actually noticed a lot of things upon entering. Why? Well because for 15 minutes Cj and I were left standing and waiting anxiously since no one was at the "receiving area" to help us to a table. Yes, that was the first "uh-oh, minus 1 point" for Don Vicente on this review. I believe that a restaurant's receiving area/table should always have at least ONE (1) person to assist diners at all times. Especially once the "OPEN" sign is already posted on the door...

After around 15 minutes, someone finally came to assist us to our seats. Our attendant gave us a quick overview of the menu and also answered our questions regarding  the dishes. We placed our orders and waited...

While waiting I took time to take some shots of their dry run menu.

One of the things that certainly caught my eye while waiting was the elaborate set up of the whole place as well as the dining table. For now they have round tables that seat 6 or more people. Hopefully they will have table that seat a smaller number of people (2) for those who wish to have more privacy during their meal. Plus points on the lovely plates, silverware and glasses. As well as the lovely golden colored place-mats and dark blue table covers that really give off a lovely vibe.

We were first served our drinks. We ordered the usual Cokes because we wanted to focus more on the food served at Don Vicente. As our attendant started pouring our cokes into our glasses I noticed he took a bit more time in pouring mine and eventually he said "Ma'am papalitan ko po yung baso kasi madumi." (Ma'am I'll be replacing the glass because it's dirty.)

I admired his honesty regarding the glass situation (other attendants in other restos would have kept silent about it till the diner notices) but I wished that prior to serving they already checked the glasses (and other things) while still in the kitchen to avoid embarrassing moments later on.


Cj orderd the Lengua. On the menu is was described as "blando lenguas de vaca con sarsa de tomates o sarsa de crema". He decided to go with the more traditional kind of lengua and got the dish in "sarsa de tomates" which translates to tomato sauce. It cost 250 pesos and is supposed to be good for 2-3 people.

I won't lie, when the dish was served I had mixed feelings. First was, "OMG! It's such a tiny serving for something to be considered good for 2-3 people..." Felt more like good for 1 serving or at the most 2 people! Second was, "What a lovely plate though..." I whispered a silent prayer that the dish would taste mind-blowing or else I'd feel disappointed that the dish with that price tag didn't deliver.

Guess what? Cj & I loved the lengua. The lengua was super soft and all the herbs in the tomato sauce balanced and complimented each other well. The green olives were a lovely touch to the dish as well as the "bread sticks" of some sort that was brushed with what seemed to be herbed butter...

Cj had most of this dish with a single order of the "mexican" rice.

My personal order was the Asadas Mexicana de Cerdo which was described in the menu as "barbacoa de res servido con arroz mexicano y ensaladas"... I think that roughly translates to what you'll see in the picture below. 

My order was served on a lovely (and heavy) square plate. I've got to give credit to presentation... When most restos serve their rice in a "cup" or dome shape, Don Vicente serves it in a square-like presentation. My pork-chop looking barbecued piece was just lovely! It was grilled in a way that it was cooked but still had that very juicy touch to it that most grilled meats tend to loose. In my opinion the marinade sets this dish apart from other barbecue dishes in other restos. It's supposed to be a "secret recipe" marinade, and by golly! It really does taste good. The mexican rice was also very filling and complimented my grilled pork well. The ensalada which seemed to be a salad of finely minced ingredients also balanced out the slight tangy sweetness of the marinated meat by adding a hint or sour-like undertones to the meat. Was it worth the 185 pesos? Definitely!

Overall, I'd give Don Vicente a 3.5/5. Minus points on the absent attendant at the receiving area, lack of smaller dining tables for more "cozy" meals with your special someone, the issue about the dirty glass, and the rather small serving that's supposed to be good for 2-3 people (which can be subjective since Cj & I are a bit on the "huge eaters" side)... But aside from those very little complaints I love the restaurant. I'm even looking forward to bringing my whole family once they have their grand opening because I'm sure they'd enjoy the food and the ambiance as much as I did.

If you're from Zamboanga, and don't mind the rather "far from town" location, then by all means get your butt over at Don Vicente for a wonderful dining experience. If you want to make reservations or inquiries you may call one of their staff, Sir Claude at 09177566677.


Travel Friendly Brush Sets by Beauty Cosmetics

Photo By : Beauty Cosmetics
Soooo... You have a makeup enthusiast for a daughter / sibling / girlfriend / friend... And you have no idea on what to get her this Christmas? Well, Beauty Cosmetics has saved you the trouble by coming up with three makeup brush sets that's perfect for gift-giving!

Beauty Cosmetics now offers a brush set available in three, yes THREE, different colors. You have the CLASSY ocean blue set, the DAINTY purple set and the ROSEY pink set. Three different colors to match different personalities. All brush sets have brushes made of synthetic hairs.

Introductory price is P1000 (exclusive of shipping) for the first few sets on hand. Once the first batch of on hand stocks sell out, the brush sets will cost the regular price of P1200... For a 12pc brush set made of great quality, the price is quite a steal! You'll have all the necessary brushes to complete your whole makeup look!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit BEAUTY COSMETICS now or contact the lovely Miss Rosen via SMS at 0915388781!

Question for my readers:
1. Which brush set would you like to personally own?



Once again, Patsy (a dear friend) and I have teamed up with our co-blogger JM Campos who also happens to be a budding stylist. Patsy & I have been itching to work on another video again so when she got back home to lil ole Zamboanga we took time out from our schedules to shoot this piece of art. We we're lucky that JM was game with the whole idea!

HINT : The Vampire Diaries' fans will instantly recognize the background music... :)





And now, our final output :

Model & Stylist : JM Campos
HMUA : Jannie Parel
Videography & Editing : Patricia Sy

How did you guys find the video? We are open to constructive criticism!


Halloween Makeup Collaboration : "Celebrity" Inspired!

Our last Halloween Makeup Collaboration happens to be a celebrity inspired one. I know we're sort of late in posting this but my co-bloggers & I have been pretty busy! *eeep!* Anyway, I won't keep this a long post... Just keep on reading for the list of products used...

For this look, I got inspiration from Adele. I love how she rocks fluttery lashes!

Products Used:
SanSan matte liquid foundation - #2 & #3
Ever Bilena powder foundation - oriental
Ever Bilena liner pencil - brown
AVON clear mascara
NYX HD eyeshadow base - skintone
NYX Nude on Nude Palette
Nichido kohl eyeliner - black
2 pairs false eyelashes
DUO glue - clear
Ever Bilena powder blush - earth
NYX powder blush - dessert rose
NYX round lipgloss - apricot (blotted)
NYX round lipgloss - clear

Don't forget to check out my co-bloggers posts:
Iyah as Iza Calzado
Eyah as Lady Gaga
Mhisha as Nicki Minaj


All Hail The Queen ~ Dissected (P3)

Products Used :

Celeteque facial moisturizer
Elf mineral infused face primer
Revlon colorstay liquid foundation - medium beige
NYX concealer wand - fair, beige (under eye area, face,)
NYX all over bronzer - medium
Mememe highlighter - sunbeam
Ever Bilena powder blush - earth
Ever Bilena liner pencil - brown
NYX eyebrow kit - brown, dark brown
AVON clear mascara
NYX HD eyeshadow base
NYX butt naked eyes palette
Virginia olsen minerals loose eyeshadow - oracle (applied wet)
False eyelashes
DUO glue - clear
Maybelline hypercurl volum' express - black
Lucas Papaw ointment (lips)

**PLUS : Special touch ups c/o Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography

Contact lenses are model's personal pair.

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